Merry Geekmas!

Well, we’ve come to the last installment of the Geek Hard 2012 Holiday Gift Guide! And what an adventure it as been. Mr. Green and I took a look at some of the great geek gift options out there for both the regular nerd and the uber-rich geek. But now, with under 4 days left to the big day, most of us have wrapped up our holiday shopping. Wait a second…..what do mean you haven’t finished picking up stocking stuffers? ARE YOU MAD? It’s crazy out there now! Lucky for you, I got 8 stocking stuffers for the nerd in your home that will fill their hearts with Christmas cheer. And thankfully, their all under $40. Hell, most of ’em are under $20. Lets See what I was able to track down.

 Geek Statement Socks $10.99

Warm, clean socks. Everybody needs ’em. But just because you need ’em doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with ’em. Enter Geek Statement socks. You can make a bold statement and define yourself with your footwear proudly displaying that you’re a nerd or that you like bacon. Ya know? The Important stuff. A nerdy little spin on a traditional stocking stand by. Warm the feet of the ones you love with this considerate gift.


Serenity Keychain $11.99

You gotta love ThinkGeek for the great stocking stuffer ideas. This keychain is perfect for any fan of Firefly or the subsequent film that followed. The thing that’s really cool about this keychain is that it’s a replica built from the digital designs from the series. A shiny little piece of metal to commemorate your love of Mal and his rag tag crew. It’s might not be a life size replica but its the next best thing. This is great stuffer for anyone who’s aimin’ to misbehave.


Nicolas Cage Action Adventure Set$12

Don’t know about you but I sure love to have fun watching Nicolas Cage. His attempts at acting are beyond amusing. His ability to be unintentially funny is infamous. So much so there’s more than a few youtube videos showcasing this. Well, for those fans that want to create their own badly acted, terribly written adventure staring the master thespian of his generation, this is the stocking stuffer for you. It’s a vinyl cling stickers of Nic along with a  8.5″ by 11″ double sided adventure backdrop (depicting “tropical island” and “haunted castle” environments respectively) for you to created your overacted masterpieces. The set also includes cling stickers of various props like a space helmet, an ice cream cone and even a ghost. This is the stuffer that keeps doling out the enjoyment long after the Christmas Season.


Darth Vader and Son Book by Jeffrey Brown $14.95

We all know the story of Luke Skywalker. His mother gave birth to him and his twin, Leia, and then had him hidden away so his father, Lord Vader, could not corrupt him and sway him to the Dark Side of the Force. But what if things went differently? What if Vader was a loving father who’s life was devoted to his son. This idea is explored in this beautifully drawn and hilariously conceived picture book by Jeffrey Brown. This is a departure from Brown’s “slice of life autobio comics” that he’s known for. With this one, it seems like a bit more like a fan having fun while poking fun at that galaxy far far away. Both Mr. Green and myself gave it a glowing review of approval back on Star Wars Day (May4th) as each of us have a copy. Great for any Star Wars fan, especially the dads out there.


Marvel Superhero Family Car Decals $14.99

Family car decals appear to be all the rage these as apparently, folks like the other drivers on the road to know how many kids they have. Well, for us nerds, they now have ones representing Marvel Heroes. With a set of fifty decals (so you can display on multiple cars), including the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine and more, they got you covered. Parents, kids, even pets are included. Make your car the home of Earth’s Mightiest Family and give the driver in your household this fun stuffer.


CB Radio iPhone Handset $19.99

Braker, braker, come in Hamhawks. This is Rubber Ducky. Don’t you wish people talked like that on their phones? Well, if you get this iPhone handset for the person you’re buying for, you might get to take part in a conversation just like this one. This device hooks right into your phone but it comes with its own battery so as not to drain the batt on your phone. It’s fun, it looks cool and there’s a mute button on it to simulate the one-side channel effect that is synonimous with the CB experience. Perfect for anybody that has to command a convoy across the U.S.A……or anybody else who just likes talking on CB.




Rubik’s Cube Coasters $21.99

Who says you can’t be fun while making sure that you don’t leave a ring on the good coffee table. These coaster not only get the job done but are also great conversation pieces. The only way they’d be more cool is if they combined to form an actual working Rubik’s Cube. These have been a pretty hot seller for this Christmas, so you may have to search a few different websites before you find an available set. But I think they’re worth it.


RHA’s MA-350 Earphones $39.99

A good pair of earphones can come in handy. There’s a certain level of quality that must be attained when looking for the right set. You want strong, clear sound and comfortable fit.  RHA’s MA-350 Noise isolating aluminium earphones Deliver on both ends. With an aerophonic design these phones provide a full sound while looking and feeling good. To top it off, they also come with a 3 year warranty that covers parts and services. Perfect for listening to all your favourite Christmas tunes while cancelling out the noise of all you loud and obnoxious relatives when they invade your home. I’m using ’em right now to do just that at my house.

So that brings us to the end. I hope I was a help to all you last minute shoppers out there. And I hope that you and the fellow nerds in your household get everything they want this Christmas. Be sure to check out next year’s guide when it happens, starting next December. Now go finish your shopping, damnit. There isn’t much time left!

And if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!


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