For the hordes of Star Whatever fans out there already making noise and up on their podiums to be heard about this news, I only have one piece of advice for you: They will never make you FEEL that feeling again… and it’s cool, we get it.

Star Wars ended when the empire fell. Luke, Han, Chewie and Leia celebrated with little people walking around in teddy bear suits. It was good and it was right. Great, even.

Star Trek is a bit different, but just as good and right. Great, even. Both influenced the other into being…on several occasions and at several points in either of their histories. So really, making the two cousins of sorts is not something anyone should be against. Let him control both, so to speak, if indeed that is what will happen. Unless, this move is akin to jumping the X-Men ship for Superman’s cape. I hope not. Both sides lose when something like that happens.

We kept being told in interviews and media for Star Trek 2009 how much a fan this director was of Star Wars and then we all saw Star Trek 2009 and indeed, it has shades of course but we all know it’s not real Star Trek. Star Trek doesn’t exist anymore. Star Trek ended in 1999 with the finale of Deep Space Nine. Shades do not make a link or connection to the original thing any more so than writing in ye olde English makes you Shakespeare. But this director got to make his Star Wars movie already, just under the name Star Trek… and it was good. Great even. Exciting and fun. A real roller-coaster ride for the true action movie fan. Please pardon the almost pun here, but the next logical question is, “When did Star Trek become solely about the action?” Heck, some of the best Star Trek and Star Wars isn’t even remotely action oriented. But none of this matters. Be excited, be upset… there is no such thing as Star Trek or Star Wars.

The 1999 – 2005 trilogy of Star Wars movies left a bad taste for most, except for those who MADE money on them. And there was plenty to go around. Heck, that’s good for them! I would have loved for my wallet to have been in on that. Star Trek 2009 brought in HUGE business and it was liked by so many around the world, I do include myself, but there will never again be what existed between 1964 and 1999, just as there will never be what existed between 1977 to 1983. This push for the new and the fun and fresh ideas might even be what new fans need. I’m happy for those new fans. They’re lucky because they get to see it all for the first time. I’m happy for the creators to garner new viewers and customers for merchandise and viewings. Perhaps it was always so. Call me naïve, I never felt that way.

This is not to say new isn’t better. This is not to say old is better. This is to say, you out there who understands this message, you know what I mean. You FEEL what I mean. Images of new ships, costume designs, transporter beams, phaser guns, laser swords, little green men finally getting their action spotlight in the council chambers, Blu-Ray Behind the Scenes Featurettes… well, they mean very little to us. I don’t own Star Wars on any other media form than VHS. That’s quality. Star Trek was a weekly show which, while it can be revisited and re-watched in its many forms, will not be broken apart and put back together with totally new scotch tape and called the same. At the center of both were ideals and characters for us to relate to, admire, want to be… replicate every day.

Unfortunately for me, I’ll never look at the new actors and say, wow, that’s Captain Kirk… of course he will in fact be Captain Kirk, but he won’t BE Captain Kirk. Any more so than that new “ghost” standing beside Yoda and Obi-Wan is supposed to be the Anakin we had seen moments before. For the newer audience, this will be the foundation for them. I’m okay with that. I’m okay with all of it. It’s progression. It’s evolution. James Bond does it every few years and for some, changing the actor is cause for the old “Ah, but he’s not as good as so and so…” line. Perhaps not. But perhaps so for those who lived that time. That’s not to be ignored and discounted because today is today and yesterday was yesterday.

All told, I’m saying, YIPPIE!!!! Star Wars will be fun again. Star Trek already IS fun again. They are good, great even, and if they are to be controlled by the same contributors, so be it. I salute them. Wish them well.

But, as I said in the beginning, for the hordes of Star Whatever fans out there, already making noise and up on their podiums to be heard about this news of directors and writers and actors and blah, blah, blah, I only have one piece of advice for you: They will never make you FEEL that feeling again… and it’s cool, we get it.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!