Hi Folks,

If you logged onto realityradio101.com last night, you probably heard some classic rock with no Geek Hard. Our apologies to anyone who we left hanging. The winter storm in our area made it impossible to get to the studio on time. But fear not! The show must go on….even though it didn’t.

Late Sunday night, early Monday morning, a podcast version of the show will still go up online. We’re making our way into the studio to talk about what we would have if we’d been on Friday. So that means reviews on Identity Thief, Upside Down, Community and Utopia. And we may also be bitching about the snow……scratch that, We will definitely be bitching about this snow.

Don’t miss it when it hits geekhardshow.com late this Sunday/early this Monday….or you know, whenever you want to listen to it.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

Between these three men, none of them could beat the storm and bring you a live episode of Geek Hard. Damn Dirty Snow!