The day I start watching teasers for commercials, I want you to punch me in the face.

– Former Geek Hard guest, James Cooper’s Facebook page status, yesterday.

Yes, there are teasers for the Commercials that will air during the Super Bowl this Sunday. That’s right. Tiny Advertisements of the Advertisements of the Movies that Disney and Company want you to see. Is that a bad thing? No…..just a little weird. That being said, it isn’t going to stop us here at Geek Hard from making you, our fine readers, aware of them to check out for yourself. Below are 3 quick teases of the Super Bowl Spots for Oz The Great and Powerful, The Lone Ranger and Iron Man 3. Enjoy. And if you happen to see filmmaker/comic writer James Cooper watching any of them, just make sure that your line up your punch before you throw it. He said in his face and I don’t want you to let him down.

Oz the Great and Powerful Super Bowl Tease


The Lone Ranger Super Bowl Tease


Iron Man 3 – Big Game Spot Teaser

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