As many of our loyal listeners and readers know, last Friday’s show was a big one for us. Not only was it the unfortunate return of Mr. Green but also the return of an annual tradition on Geek Hard. That tradition being The Froggy Awards, recognizing excellence in the guests of our show from the past year. It’s a chance to give back to the many guests that have made our program the hallmark of quality it is in audio infotainment. The Best of the Best is given our thanks and Gratitude for being just plain awesome. In case you missed the broadcast and you haven’t had a chance to listen to the podcast version, here is a recap of all of our lucky winners!


Geek Hard’s Guests of the Year (2012) – Alex House and Bill Turnbull

Every year, there is always one stand out interview that runs away with the guest of the year win. Amazingly Enough, these two men were able to give not just one fantastic interview, but TWO! The stars of one of Geek Hard’s favourite shows, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, appeared early in the year to celebrate the finale of Season 2. They returned in May of that year to rage against the dying of the light (the announcement that the show would not be renewed). Each time, both men provided amusing anecdotes and answered questions for the fans. They were a ball of comic energy who geeked just as hard as your fair hosts on their best day. Always a delight to have in the studio, they are welcome back anytime. No wonder Todd and Curtis always seemed like cool dudes to hang out with because that was just Alex and Bill’s awesomeness just bleeding through their performances. Our hats go off to you. Penis.



The Golden Grant – Best Comic Creator Interview (2012) – Greg Rucka

It’s cool enough that Greg is one of the best writers in both the comic industry as well as the world of mystery novels. Add to that that he’s one of the most engaging guests we’ve ever had. He’s always got something to say about his process and the characters he writes. Last year’s Golden Grant Winner, J Torres, was on hand in studio to present the award to Greg who accepted via phone from his home in Oregon. Greg was honored to received the award and showed his thanks by giving us yet another great interview. We talked of his next novel coming out, Bravo, which continues the Jad Bell Series, as well the world of the Private Investigator and what makes it the coolest american genre. Jokes were made, writing was king and gods were created. Thanks to Greg for being such an amazing and interesting guest and thanks to J Torres for helping out with presenting this prestigious award.

Best Video Interview (2012) – Bruce Boxleitner

Mr. Green got the chance to sit down with Bruce at the Toronto Comicon last March. They talked about the current state of Science Fiction as well as his history with both Tron and The Gambler. Bruce even read a tweet from an Italian fan. Check out the interview and see why Bruce Boxleitner was our video interview of the year!

So that wraps up this year’s Froggy Awards. We hope you listen to the show throughout this year and make your guesses on who will take home next year’s Froggys. Until then, keep doin’ what you do and lovin’ what you love!

And if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

Mr. Green with Video Interview of the Year (2012) Winner, Bruce Boxleitner. Bruce fought for the users that day.