Sci-fi Fantasy and DC Super Teams? Yeah, we got those!

Welcome to another fun-filled week in what is turning out to be an odd month in the land of your favourite geek radio show. Whether its been snow storms that have made the studio inaccessible or phantom recordings that have eaten our podcast, Andrew and Mr. Green have had to deal with some strange days recently. But all that’s behind us now (we hope). This week will be different as we get to tell you about a kickstarter project of the science fiction variety and also review a comic that being hyped in mainstream comicdom.

First up, Andrew and Mr. Green will be joined via phone by filmmaker Shahab Zargari to talk about his latest project, The Crystal Crypt, a short film adapting a Philip K. Dick story for the screen by Think Speak Productions. Shahab will be on to talk about the film’s production and how you the fans can help with that production by contributing to the kickstarter campaign funding the project. Here’s a quick synopsis on the film.

The Crystal Crypt is a science fiction short story by Philip K. Dick that was first published in the January 1954 edition of Planet Stories magazine.

The story is set in the distant future, with Earth and Mars on the verge of war. The last spaceship to leave Mars for Earth is suddenly stopped by Martian soldiers in search of three saboteurs who have destroyed a Martian city. The criminals are not found, and the ship continues toward Earth. 

Onboard the spaceship, a businessman named Thacher meets a young woman and two men who tell him that they are, in fact, the people the Martians are looking for. They proceed to explain to Thacher what they have done, and how their deeds were to be used as a bargaining chip against Mars in the upcoming war.

For more on the film, a chance to read the short story it’s based on, or to find out more on Shahab and Think Speak Productions, go to:

But that’s not all. Andrew and Mr. Green will also be taking a look at Justice League of America #1 which hits stores this Wednesday. The new series by Geoff Johns and David Finch boasts an unpredictable roster of characters including Green Arrow, Catwoman, Hawkman, Vibe and more! Will this team be up our hosts’ alley or will it bring back memories of Justice League Antartica? Listen to the show to find out if the series is off to great start or if it smells more fowl than G’Nort after a shower.

All this, plus the news and reviews that you’ve come to expect, right here on Geek Hard. Listen LIVE! This Friday at 7pm Eastern on the station where rock and roll will never die, You just might learn something….we make no guarantees on this.

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Geoff Johns and David Finch bring us Justice League of America.