Before we start, I ask that you click on the link and read this blog post by Jerry Ordway and then come back here.

It’s weird, I’m not a huge DC guy but I just assumed Ordway was working on something steady. Maybe not a comic but something DC like a character guide or online content or something. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s, Ordway was just that steady of a work horse that I thought DC just always had him working on something and I imagine I’m not the only one.

I can completely get where he’s coming from. Jerry Ordway falls into a weird grey area for artists and writers. He’s not part of the classic golden and silver age artists group like  Romita or Steranko or the later guys like Neal Adams but he’s not really part of the “Image” age with Jim Lee or McFarlane either. He’s part of that group that falls somewhere in the middle and kind of gets forgotten about. I’d throw guys like Tom DeFalco, Karl Kessel and his Superman partner Dan Jurgens in the same range. They’re guys that did a LOT of work on titles we’ve loved so we just kind of assume that they are still steadily working on something even if we don’t know what that is.

With Ordway’s case in particular, I don’t get it.

In terms of a publisher or a writer, if I saw Ordway’s name on a list of artists available for a a comic I was setting up, I’d jump at it. While not the fastest artist in the world, Ordway sure as hell isn’t the slowest. He’s also very good. In particular, I think of his solid work on The Power of Shazam series. If I was editing a superhero superhero (especially one that involves a classic style character), I’d jump at the chance to have him on the book.

A solid artist who can deliver work on time and does good work? Sign that guy up.

While I don’t think we should dump all of today’s artists for guys like Jerry, there’s got to be a place for guys like this. Maybe other companies should take a chance. Actually, the word chance is a stretch. Opportunity is a better one. A company like Dynamite for example has all of these classic styled characters like The Green Hornet and The Shadow. Perfect fit.

Maybe I’m too much of an optimist, but if I were them or IDW, I’d give him a call.

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