A Fun Two Days. That’s the best way to sum it up. A fun two days hanging out on the 800 level of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for the annual Toronto ComiCON presented by Fan Expo Canada. There were sights to see, people to meet, promises to keep and interviews to be had. And Geek Hard was there for all of it. Well, most of it. We unfortunately did not get the chance to check out the Star Trek TNG reunion. We’re only human. We can’t be everywhere. But where we were was pretty fun. Talking with artists, t.v. actors and fans alike. It was a grand weekend to take in.

We began our journey on Saturday. After making the rounds in Artists’ Alley, we stopped by for the announcement of the 2013 Constellation Awards Nominees. The nominations for seven categories were announced as was some of the info for the Awards Show itself taking place on June 22nd at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Toronto-Markham. It won’t just be an awards show this year as a banquet will also be part of the festivities. I wish the organizers the best of luck as it’s going to be no easy task to put on this year’s ceremony as a stand alone event. Check out the nominees and vote for your favourites at the Constellation Awards Website. A little while later we were back on the floor as Mr. Green got the chance to speak with Kris Holden Reid and Paul Amos, two of the actors from Lost Girl who’re also providing voices for the new Captain Canuck Animated Webseries. After that, it was back to artists Alley where we snagged interviews with some of our favs like Agnes Garbowska and the boys at Big Sexy Comics, Fearless Fred Kennedy and Adam Gorham. Geek Hard columnist Brent Chittenden got the chance to chat with Katie Cook who may be known best for her work as the writer of the IDW My Little Pony Comic. She’s also known for her “terrible convention experience” stories. She shared one with Brent as well as talked about her work. We winded down that day and made our way home for what was shaping up to be a very busy day 2.

When day 2 arrived, we entered the convention with purpose as we banged out a number of Comic creator interviews. Brent Chittenden and Convention Correspondent Extraordinaire Ken Baumgartner got to talk with comic greats like Lee Weeks, Mike McKone, Mike Del Mundo and Joe Jusko. All of ’em were pretty cool cats and gave great interviews that we will be posting in the next couple of weeks. After a couple hours of down time, Mr. Green and Andrew had a special engagement to attend as they got to speak with actors Tatiana Maslany and Jordan Gavaris from Orphan Black, a new series coming to SPACE and BBC America. Both Tatiana and Jordan were a bundle of energy and I think the video will speak for itself. Another trip through Artists Alley got Mr. Green his one Comic creator interview with up and comer Michael Walsh, who’s been drawing the new image series, Comeback. The cat had some interesting things to say about his process and it was very cool to get info. That brought us to the end of the weekend and although we had a fun time that wasn’t too hectic, we were all glad that the show was wrapping up. Overall, a great con experience and a great way to start the convention season for Geek Hard.

We would like to take the time to thank all the great folks we talked to over the weekend: Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris, Paul Amos, Kris Holden Reid, Agnes Garbowska, Fred Kennedy, Adam Gorham, Katie Cook, Lee Weeks, Mike Del Mundo, Mike McKone, Joe Jusko, The Toronto X-Men, The SPACE Network and SPACE PR, Michael Walsh, Nug Nahrgang and everybody else that took the time to chat with us over the weekend.

We would also like to thank James Armstrong and Fan Expo Canada for putting on a fun convention.

Finally, Andrew and Mr. Green would like to thank their awesome crew for the show: Brent and Ken for their work in front of the camera doing on-site interviews and to Jonathan Chiovitti of Loose Noose Entertainment for his work behind the camera. Couldn’t have done it without you guys.

So thus begins Geek Hard’s Convention season. We look forward to bringing you more stories and videos from the conventions in our neck of the woods. Stay Tuned.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

Brent Chittenden talks the finer points of The Undertaker’s Costume with Painter Artist Joe Jusko.