Over the past several months we have been discussing one of the most controversial decisions at DC Comics in the last several years.…..the attempt to tell the story of the Watchmen in the prequels aptly titled Before Watchmen. We’re very near the end now as the second last mini series has now concluded. Good or bad, here we are and we are covering each issue. (I am using the Royal “We” in this instance).

Ozymandias #6 Written by Len Wein with art by Jae Lee

It’s Almost Over! The Before Watchmen line has only one more issue to hit the streets and that’s the last issue of the Comedian series. But we’re not here to talk about that. Instead, let’s take a look at the series that wrapped up just last week: Ozymandias. This book has been the hallmark of quality when discussing the BW event. Month after month, this book produced some of the best stories and moments, taking a character that was pretty one dimensional in the original series and making him this layered hero who finally appears justified in his actions. He was the greatest villain of the eighties. Now, not so much. Len Wein made him a character to get behind and while not condoning his actions, the reader can now completely understand his motivations. That being said, for as great as this series has been, the final issue was a bit of a step back in value. This is something that I don’t think could be avoided. For all the set up and development of Ozy’s character that has transpired, he’s still gotta sell out the world to save it. And that’s what the main focus of this issue is. The problem is that most of the moments covered in this issue were already told to a certain extent in Watchmen. Sure, Len  delves into the story from Adrian Veidt’s perspective and we get so see a bit more than what was on the page in the comic before this, but it’s still a story we know. Where there was a great deal of wonder and discovery in the first five issues, this book was just a retelling of the facts that have been previously introduced. It’s a great retelling but still, a retelling. Can’t really complain though because we knew from issue one that this is where it would end and I applaud Wein for telling such a great story and for doing so much for the character. The series started strong and even with my comments above, I can  admit that it ended strong as well. This strength of storytelling can be credited to not just Wein but to Lee also. Still don’t like all the circle panels but the rest of the book looks amazing. I think that Silk Spectre and Minutemen stand with this series as the 3 books that made the Before Watchmen event worth it and if Len Wein, Jae Lee, Darwyn Cooke and Amanda Conner choose to play in this sandbox again, I will be there to play along with them.

Check back with us in the next couple of weeks as we come to the end of the Before Watchmen Experience.

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The Final Issue: Comedian #6 Written by Brian Azzarello with art by J.G. Jones.