This episode is IN YOUR FACE!

Well, kind of. We’re talking about a movie from 20 years ago returning to theaters to get in your face! That’s right, Andrew and Mr. Green will be giving their take on Jurassic Park 3D. When this film originally hit cinemas back in 1993, it was a smash hit. Some still state this film as one of the last great action adventure films from Stephen Spielberg. So now that it’s getting the 3-demensional treatment, will it hold up two decades later? Will it still be Raptor-ripping good times? Or will nostalgia be dragged through the mud once again? Listen this Friday to get the guys review on this re-release.

But dinosaurs aren’t the only thing we’ll have to contend this Friday. Andrew and Mr. Green will not be alone! Joining them in studio will be a very funny man with a long history with Geek Hard: Gavin Stephens. A comic who’s toured Canada and the States, Gavin is one of the finest comics with nerdy slant out there. Gavin’s also a regular contributor to with his column, Things I’ve Learned while Buying Plastic Men. Gavin’s going on the road very soon and he’ll be on the show to talk about his Nerdy and Dirty comedy tour that might be coming to a town near you! Listen this Friday to find out more about the tour as well some good old fashioned geek talk.



Here’s a clip from a recent show where Gavin talks feminism and vaginas…..


All this, plus the news and reviews that you’ve come to expect, right here on Geek Hard. Listen LIVE! this Friday at 7pm Eastern on It’s all happening so don’t be the one who’s not happening and get with the program this Friday!

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This Week, Andrew and Mr. Green go back to Jurassic Park? Did the Dinosaurs age well or has 3D lined this film up for extinction.