It’s all in the genes this week.

Don’t miss this Friday’s show where Andrew and Mr. Green bring their unique brand of infotainment and discoveries in cloning and genetic research abound!

Up first, joining the boys via phone will be actor Jordan Gavaris. Jordan can be see Saturday nights on BBC America and Space as Felix in the new series, Orphan Black. For folks not hip to the show, it’s about a girl, Sarah, who takes an identical woman’s identity after she kills herself. But this chance encounter with a woman who looks just like her was no coincidence and she gets sucked into a world where there “many” of her running about. Felix, Sarah’s adopted brother, is the quick witted brother who’s dragged along for the ride. Jordan will be joining us to talk about what it’s like playing Felix and other fun tales. Here’s a quick bio on Jordan:

Born in Caledon, Ontario, Canada as the youngest of three children, Gavaris’ father worked in education and his mother, a stay-at-home mom.

Gavaris made his feature film debut in the Canadian independent film, 45 R.P.M. opposite Michael Madsen, Kim Coates, and Amanda Plummer. In 2010, Gavaris co-starred in the Cartoon Network live-action series Unnatural History. Currently, Gavaris is co-starring in the new original drama Orphan Black for BBC America and Canada’s Space (TV channel).

In 2010, Gavaris was honored by Playback Magazine, Panavision Canada, and The Canadian Film and Television Hall of Fame by being named one of 2010’s “Top Ten to Watch”. Previous honorees include; Nina Dobrev and Xavier Dolan among others.

Don’t miss Jordan this week on the show this Friday, and catch him Saturday on the latest episode of Orphan Black.

But that’s not all. Geek Hard goes to the movies and this time….it’s a little off the beaten path. Join us as we give our thoughts on Errors of the Human Body, a new film currently showing in select theatres and available on iTunes. The film involves genetic mutation and what happens when a scientist unwittingly creates a leathal virus and becomes it’s first victim. Will this be a scientific thriller or does it need some rework in the lab? Listen this Friday to find out our diagnosis.

All this, plus hilights from our interviews with the cast and crew of Night of the Living Dead LIVE (opening Friday in Toronto), right here on Geek Hard. Listen LIVE! This Friday at 7pm Eastern on Join us as we create a monster….of AWESOMENESS!

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Listen this Friday as we dissect Errors of the Human Body (The Movie…we’re not that cruel).