All roads lead to another edition of Geek Hard, coming at ya this Friday.

Join Andrew and Mr. Green as they give reviews and opinions for the whovian, jedi and gear head. That’s right, there’s interests of all types in the film and television variety this week. First Up, the boys give their review of Fast and Furious 6, coming to theatres this Friday. Some are touting this as the must-see film of the summer. Will Vin Diesel, The Rock and company deliver on the cinematic thrill ride they’re promising or will this franchise crash and burn? We’ll be the judge of that with our review this Friday.

We go from new releases to season finales as we take a look at some of the shows that wrapped up last week. Dr. Who, Arrow, Elementary and Supernatural are all on the table as Andrew and Mr. Green give their unbiased and spoiler-free opinions on the final episodes of these shows’ respective seasons. Nothing will be held back….except key plot points in case you haven’t watched them yet…..but other then that, nothing will be held back. Be sure to catch our expert t.v. analysis.

Finally, we’ll also be getting a little nostalgic for our light sabres and land speeders as we honor the 30th Anniversary of a beloved childhood classic. Return of the Jedi turns 30 this Saturday and the boys will take the time to honor this film for this milestone achievement. They may even break out into the Ewoks’ yub nub song. Who knows. Anything is possible when we are live this Friday. The force is strong with this show so you’re not gonna want to miss it.

It all goes down LIVE, this Friday at 7pm Eastern on the station where rock and talk mix it up, Summer movies, t.v. closers and original trilogy goodness. What more can one want?


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Fast and Furious 6 – Will this be the film of the summer?