Celebration will be the topic of the hour!

This week, Andrew and Mr. Green celebrate the little big show that could as they pay tribute to the cult Canadian series, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. A year ago, it was announced that the series would not be picked up for a 3rd season and ever since then, the show’s creators have been looking for a way to come back and finish the story they started in the first two seasons of Todd. And thanks to crowd funding and an amazing outpouring from some amazing fans, the end of this story will be told….IN ANIMATED FORM! That’s right, due to a successful campaign on on Indiegogo, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil: The End of the End! will be an animated feature will all the actors from the show reprising their roles as the voice cast for this film. Geek Hard will be celebrating this success….and they won’t be alone!


Joining the guys in studio will be one of the Geek Hard Froggy Award “Guest of the Year” recipients for 2012, Bill Turnbull, aka Curtis from Todd and the Book of Pure Evil! He will be with us the whole show to talk nerdy with us and answer any all questions from the fans that come our way. Also joining us via phone will be series co-creator, Craig David Wallace. Craig will be able to share the ins and outs of this animated adventure with us as well as tell us about the stretch goals they’re trying to reach on the still running indiegogo campaign. Yes, you can still donate to this project and make even better than it’s already going to be! If you want to find out how much better, be sure to listen to Geek Hard this Friday to find out more!

If you would like to donate to Todd and the Book of Pure Evil: The End of the End campaign and get some cool perks and prizes as a thank you, go to the Todd Indiegogo site!

But that’s not all! Geek Hard goes to the movies once again and this time, a foreign action film is on the menu. The Guillotines is the story of a secret brotherhood of assassins, once favored by the Emperor, who are now a force of terror and oppression under a new regime. Exiled to a remote village and hunted by a squad of fighters with firearms that challenge their cold steel, The Guillotines must now outwit and outfight enemies from both sides. Currently available on iTunes and coming to theatres this June, Andrew and Mr. Green will let you know if this film is worth the hype or is just hot air.

All this, plus the news and reviews that you’ve come to expect, right here on Geek Hard, Listen LIVE this Friday at 7pm Eastern on www.realityradio101.com. To find out about Todd and his bad-ass self, you’re gonna want to listen. Don’t be Shit Rooster and join in on the fun!

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Todd and the Book of Pure Evil will end it off right with The End of the End. Find out more this Friday!