Free Comic Book Day 2013 is nearly upon us and with it, as the name would imply, come scads of graphic enjoyment all on that gratis tip. Over time this has meant many an awesome offering from companies like Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, IDW, and it seems with each passing year, more and more smaller independent companies are getting in on the act as well. I welcome the paradigm shift as I can’t get enough of those sweet sweet indie books and more often than not, they’re the best things one can get pro-bono on that merry first weekend of May.

This year, one such kick-ass indie title of note is FUBAR from FUBAR Press. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Writers – Various
Artists – Various

FUBAR Press, publishers of the popular FUBAR series of zombie anthology comics, have put together something pretty awesome for us this May 4th. In this special Free Comic Book Day edition of the title, we’re treated to five short stories from the forthcoming AMERICAN HISTORY Z tome that runs the gamut of locales from the desert of Tikrit to the frozen hell that was winter during the American Revolution. Each tale features action, horror, and shambling hordes of the goddamn undead, which as everyone knows, is everything a growing boy or girl needs. Also worthy of note is that each story has a distinct setting and very often a unique tone which makes for a pleasantly varied yet strangely cohesive reading experience that’s all held together by one very important thread: Goddamn Zombies. Yes, the shambling hordes of the undead are out in full-force and have their brains forcibly removed from their skulls in a variety of delightful manners during the course of FUBAR‘s 32 pages. That’s just the beginning of what this comic gets very, very right.

One of the dangers I find many anthologies fall victim to is the inability to establish tone and atmosphere within each short due to the page constraints shackling a given creative team. FUBAR doesn’t get snared in that bramble and a lot of the praise has to go to the writers in that regard. In reading each story I was surprised by just how well the different writers managed to make their chosen eras feel authentic and how quickly they accomplished it. Though each yarn was penned by a different author, it could be said of all of them that the dialogue rang true, the set-ups were immediately intriguing, and each scenario was solid enough to warrant a feature length return.

I was especially taken aback by how much I enjoyed the Jack of Spades story by Steve Becker and Jeff McComsey that opens the book. Stories from any medium set during the Iraqi conflicts generally don’t resonate with me for some reason, but I found myself immediately engrossed upon cracking page one. It’s just an excellent example of a writer, artist, and subject matter coming together to compliment each other perfectly. Not to mention the action is the baddest of ass.

In addition to the aforementioned Iraq and Revolutionary War settings, FUBAR FCBD also takes readers to 1916 Mexico, WWII London, and New Jersey during the 80’s. I’m pleased to say each new experience brings with it it’s own unique zombie-smashing pleasures.

In a nutshell, on Free Comic Book Day make a bee-line for FUBAR as soon as you hit your shop. If you love zombies, and these days who doesn’t, you won’t be disappointed.

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