Well folks, the summer movie blockbuster season is already almost over. There are only a few big budget films left for this season. So I thought I might take a look back at what we have seen so far.

Iron Man 3

No matter what the haters say, I LOVED Ben Kingsley in this. He was inspired and awesome and funny every moment he was on screen. Sure, they strayed from the origins but I kind of like what was going on. We also got to see RDJ show off that he could rock out an action film without any issues or the Ironman suit. Yes there is not much of Ironman in a movie called Ironman but I was okay with it. Although, my expectations were so low for this after Part 2, that they could have shit in my mouth and I probably would have liked it.

Rating: WATCH IT!



Star Trek Into Darkness

I like the reboot of the franchise. I am a long time Star Trek fan… I have been watching since I was 6 years old. I have watched every iteration of the show, good and bad. Throughout its universe of stories, the Trek has always embraced changed but not always well. I’m looking at you DS9. Many have complained about the story elements in this film but I found all of the choices interesting to witness.

Rating: WATCH IT!




Fast & Furious 6

RIDICULOUS! It’s best summed up with that one word. This movie is so over the top it’s fun. Sure, no one is going to win any Oscars for this unless they start giving out awards for the most insanely stupid leap in physics ever. However, that doesn’t stop this from being one of the most fun movies I have seen this year.

Rating: RENT IT!





After Earth

What a disaster of a film. This movie had a lot of potential but  just couldn’t find it’s way to the story. It seemed to want to be a really cool, sci-fi epic adventure and it turned into a vanity piece for Will Smith to promote his son, Jaden, as an actor. While many elements were in place to make this something interesting, it shot itself in the foot by taking one of the most marketable actors in Hollywood and making him grimace and barely talk throughout.

Rating: SKIP IT!




This Is the End

Baruchel and Rogen. What could go wrong? A lot, but that’s okay, you don’t expect much from a movie where ALL of the actors are playing caricatures of themselves. There are funny moments, there are not funny moments and there are tasteless moments but that kind of mess sometimes works. I just wish they had tried to stay away from any kind of serious drama in the script. It works best when it is stupid funny.

Rating: RENT IT!




Man of Steel

Good intro, HORRIBLE finish. Totally disappointing and that’s all I have to say about it. I’m fucking done with explaining myself.

Rating: SKIP IT!






Monsters University

Is it as good as the original? No. It’s still a ton of fun to watch, though. All of the old gang are back to show how Mike & Sully became lifelong friends. This is more Animal House than Monster Inc. and that’s a good thing. There was no way they were ever going recapture the old magic from the first film. As always, Pixar does its best work in world building and characters. There are some new additions that really make the film fun and entertaining  to watch.

Rating: WATCH IT!




World War Z

This one was easy as I didn’t have any interest in seeing it. I still don’t. When I saw the zombie tidal wave attacking humans on screen, my first thought was to laugh but then it quickly turned to “WTF!” It was as if they watched a bunch of Roger Corman films (the really bad ones) and said “Hey, lets take a very famous, cool book and use the title and make one of the most fucked up choices I have ever heard of.” Granted, I know several people who claim that it is actually good but they were high on drugs when they watched it, so you know I take their word for it.

Rating: SKIP IT!



What’s left in order of release…


There you go. Summing up how I currently feel regarding the summer so far. Like the list or hate the list, I welcome your comments below. What worked for you or didn’t?

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