In the world of Nerd music, you can call this Super Tuesday! Not only is it the day that Kirby Krackle’s new album, Sounds Like You, goes on sale but also the day that Lasers and Feelings, the latest album by the Doubleclicks, streets aswell. Over the past couple of months, Angela and Aubrey Webber have been on the road for their Velociraptour in support of this album. They played all over the States and even made it up to my neck of the woods, Toronto, to do a show at the Silver Snail Comic Shop. It was real treat seeing them live. But as great as they were in person, I was specifically interested in hearing this studio album for myself. This marks the first time that the Doubleclicks have recorded with a full band. As it says in the Liner Notes for the record, “With Big Sound comes Big Responsibility”. With each song on this album, it was Angela and Aubrey’s goal to use all instruments to their fullest and to have songs that deserved the kind of sound they were able to produce. Go Big or Go Home to sum it up nicely. And go big is exactly what they did.

The first thing I noticed about this album was that while it sounds beautiful, it is still unmistakably a Doubleclicks album. The lyrics are the star of each song. No words are wasted. Each song is a story that immediately brings an instant mental picture. Each is witty and interesting and catchy. But unlike their first album, Chainmail and Cello, this record has a varied sound that runs the gamut of musical genres. The duo experiments with not only style but also techniques like sound layering that are very effective in driving home the emotional response of the content. It’s that little something extra that takes what could be a “pretty” song and makes it a “powerful” one. The responsibility of the sound that Angela was talking about is shown the reverence it deserves. The result is a series of catchy songs that either elicit a hearty laugh or a serious thought…..and in some cases, both.

The Title track is an odd love song that examines the age old tale of “girl meets boy, boy becomes super villain, girl gets obsessed with boy”. It’s funny and you will happily find yourself singing the chorus for days on end. Can’t you See The World is Ending is set in a world where Aliens are attacking but high school is still, unfortunately, high school. The Guy Who Yelled Freebird is an alt country ditty that is a response to the ongoing problem for musicians who play live and have to deal with the “request for Skynyrd”. Nothing to Prove addresses the “Fake Geek Girl” phenomena and will stand as an anthem for all geek girls out there. But two songs that really stand out for me are Something Else and Rock Star Life. Something Else is soulful ballad about procrastination. Featuring Aubrey on vocals, it’s the story of a woman who should be working on many a project but can’t help but have her mind wander to the object of her affection. It’s a beautiful song but also beautifully silly. Rock Star Life is a bit of a window into whats it’s like to tour with the ‘clicks. Angela says that she based the story in the realm of fiction but it’s obvious that some of the gripes she shares in the tune are her own. It’s a hilarious depiction of indie bands on the road and it’s damn fun. The album ends off with a brand new version of Oh, Mr. Darcy, arguably their biggest hit. It’s the “bigger and better” version and stands up to the original if not surpasses it.

If you like nerd rock….or nerd folk…..or nerd music in general, Lasers and Feelings is for you. And you can get it right now! You can get a digital copy for $10 and the CD for $15. The album sounds amazing and will haunt you in good way for a long time. Plus, there’s some great sax riffs….something I’ve never said in a music review so that’s saying something. Get your copy today.

For a taste of the album, check out this video from the live show from the Silver Snail in Toronto- The Doubleclicks play “The Guy Who Yelled Freebird“.

If you’re gonna geek out, Geek Hard!