Four Days. That is the length of Fan Expo Canada. Four glorious days in Toronto’s Metro Convention Centre. That’s a lot of hours to spend on the convention floor. You might want to take a break at one point from all the shopping and autograph getting. Some folks may not know this but there’s a whole lot more going on at the show than what happens in the big exhibitor rooms. Some of it may not even be happening in the building. There’s panels and events galore to partake in. Now I know that some panels are more well publicized than others. We all know that Hulk Hogan will get Uncensored (or at least his version of Uncensored) and there’s a huge amount of Dr. Who 50th Anniversary Festivities for Whovians to get their Dalek on, but what about every other panel? I am Andrew and I speak for the panels.

Here’s a list of panels and events that are worth your precious time away from the convention floor.




11 am – Rm 701A

A big part of our childhood, the Hilarious House of Frightenstein is now a Youtube sensation, finding new fans in 2013. Join the show’s associate producer, Mitch Markowitz (better known to fans of the show as the character of Super Hippy and others) as he takes a trip down memory lane to talk about the legendary kids show. He’ll even fill you in on what he’s doing now, including his recent role in The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh. “The castle lights are growing dim, there’s no-one left but me, and him. When next we meet in Frankenstone, don’t come alone!” Bring all your friends to this panel, IF YOU DARE!



11:15 am – Rm 703

It seems that Canadian Superheroes are finally making a comeback. Hell, if you look at this site, you’ve noticed it. Captain Canuck is back! The superhero anthology book  True Patriot has seen publication. Wolverine had a movie this year……okay, okay, that last one would’ve happened anyways. But not since the Golden Age of Comics have we seen this much interest in heroes of a Canadian variety. Check out this panel to find out more about this resurgence of super powers in the great white north and hear from the likes of former Geek Hard guests J Torres, Ramon Perez, Lost Heroes Producer of Hope Nicholson, moderator Fearless Fred and even some folks from Team Captain Canuck.



1:15 am – Rm 716

And speaking of Captain Canuck, the webtoon of the true north strong and free will be premiering its second episode for all of you good people at Fan Expo. And it won’t just be a screening as they’ll also have the voice cast with them as well. Kris Holden-Ried, Paul Amos, Laura Vandervoort and Tatiana Maslany will be on hand to talk about their involvement with the animated series and to answer questions from good fans like you! And Richard Comely, creator of Canuck, will also be on hand to unveil the cover of issue 1 of the brand new Captain Canuck comic series. If that doesn’t get your patriotic juices flowing…..  Be sure to check out this Canadian original!





3:30 pm – Rm 701

Zombies! We all have questions about them. And who better to answer those questions than Max Brook, the current foremost authority on the walkers. Between The Zombie Survival Guide, World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attack series, he’s bound to know a thing or two, right? And thanks to his current comic series, The Extinction Parade, he’s now thrown Vampires into the mix. This guy is a walking encyclopedia of Undead knowledge. Sit an listen as the master prepares you for the coming outbreak and give his two cents on the age old debate of Zombies vs. Vampires. This is one not to miss as Brooks will be dropping knowledge on your asses!



3:45 pm – Rm 715

But hey, maybe the current state of Zombies isn’t your thing. Maybe you know all about how to take one down, you just don’t know how they went from being a mindless, slow moving non-threat to the cultural predator that it is today. Thankfully, Paul Corupe and Andrea Subissati of the Black Museum will be on hand to help you out with this query. An encore presentation of one of their popular talks, they’ll break down the history of the zombie into brain bite sizes and feed that knowledge to you fresh. And if you’re a fan of the Black Museum, they’ll also be giving a sneak preview of their Fall lecture line up.




 5:30 pm – RM 105

 Slash – Guitarist, Rock Star, Filmmaker? That’s right, Slash is now in the Horror Movie businenss. Come check it out as he unveils Slasher Films on an unsuspecting public and talks about their first film, Nothing Left to Fear. Rock and Horror have gone hand in hand for years. This was just the next logical step for the legendary guitarist. See what he tells Fearless Fred about the process of making scary movies.




6 pm – Rm 714

The video store is dead. That doesn’t mean that someone can’t find a way to make a profit from one. In the new series from the mind of My Bloody Valentine Director George Mihalka, 24 Hour Rental is a black comedy satire about a fallen Mafia boss trying to get back in the game by using his video store as a front for a mulitude of petty crimes and scams. Nothing is sacred on this show as shots are taken at pop culture, society and the current state of romantizing the bad guy. Join Mihalka along with cast members Michael Biehn, Romano Orzari, Adam Kenneth Wilson, Aaron Berg and Leslie Seiler for this exlusive sneak peak of the new series.





12:15 pm – Rm 714

I know this is something Mr. Green will want to check out and I’m sure a number of you out there will as well. A screening of the season premiere of the popular returning show is a no brainer. You can get your fix before it airs over a month later on September 29th. If you like this show, why not?




So these are my picks on what you should be checking out at this year’s Fan Expo Canada. These are just the tip of the iceberg of what’s out there. For a full schedule of all the panels and special events that Fan Expo has cooking for the whole 4 days, head over to their website and check it out! The Fan Expo Runs from August 22nd to 25th.

Hope to see you all there and if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!