It’s Fan Expo time!

Which is awesome. Geek Hard has a lot of cool stuff planned (including one interview scheduled that I am REALLY excited about… and can’t talk about yet) and I love doing interviews, meeting new people, seeing old comic friends, stalking Mike Mignola…. you know, convention stuff.

But there’s a bunch of stuff going on outside of Fan Expo that I feel is my duty to let everyone know about.

The first is from one of my favourite people.

Item 1

When we spoke to Jill Thompson last year, she mentioned she was working on a Kickstarter for a doll based off of her Scary Godmother character. The kickstarter and the prototype doll have arrived and despite my obvious personal connections to Jill’s work, this kickstarter is worth supporting for the perks alone.

… yes, I pledged for a doll… but the wife-to-be collects dolls so it’s perfectly okay. and frankly, the doll looks pretty sweet. It’s very much a physical version of Jill’s character. The packaging looks great and might make it hard for the wife-to-be to take it out of the box. But the other incentives are just astounding. My household pledged for the doll and the Art Grab bag which (assuming this campaign gets it’s funding) is a steal. Seriously, a grand total of $115 got us a page of Jill Thompson original art plus a doll. There will be an audio version of Scary Godmother featuring CM Punk and Colt Cabana which I think could be incredibly awesome. If you have big bucks, you can get a page of Sandman art work.

And you help a great artist have her dream of a fashion doll made. What’s better then that?


Item 2


This is sort of geeky and sort of not but right now I’m really digging a metal band out of Sweden called Ghost (in North America they are called Ghost BC). They aren’t one of those growly, screamin black metal bands. They’re more melodic and kind of catchy.  But what tops off the solid music is a really cool presentation. Their lead singer is named Papa Emeritus.. actually it’s currently Papa Emeritus II… and he/they dress kind of like a Satanic pope from a cheesey horror movie with a good budget. I mean, complete with robes and pope hat and skull mask. The band are in what can only be described as metal monk costumes and are listed  as Nameless Ghouls in the album credits.

Oh and Papa Emeritus stepped down when they released their second album… the band claims Papa I and Papa II are two different people but the vocals and spirit went with the second guy.

They aren’t serious, they aren’t the band that wants you to burn down a church or anything like that. They are group of good metal musicians that love horror and spectacle. The whole presentation, backed by solid song work, is just fantastic and highly recommended.

Item 3


I got a really awesome package from First Second this week for review (which I will be writing in up coming weeks). One of the cooler titles was issue #101 of The Invincible Haggard West. It also happened to be the final issue of the book’s run… and the first. Confused? Let me explain.

Paul Pope has become an artist that I rather dig and I’ve been looking forward to his upcoming Battling Boy graphic novel. The book revolves around a kid taking up the mantle of hero for the city of Acropolis. #101 leads up to Battling Boy by introducing to us and then killing the former hero, Haggard West.

And I’m not spoiling anything. Hell, it’s on the front cover, plain as day. I’m not sure how important this is to the graphic novel but I believe you will probably be able to read Battling Boy without #101… but why would you want to? I’m not sure how he pulled it off but a few pages in, I already felt I knew the characters….or at the very least, the world and characters seemed familiar to me and my brain filled in the blanks. Pope’s art is stunning as always. This issue is a done in one but it really makes me clamor for Battling Boy.

Item 4

If you happen to see us around Fan Expo, make sure and come over and say hi. From what I understand, we’ve got a whole convention squad this year (Andrew, Mr. Green, Ken Baumgartner and Kris Johnson) so we’re probably going to be easy to spot. And buy us things. Like food is always good for one. And tell Nathan Fillion that he should say hello to us.

Until next week, if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

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