The reason we like a character, is because of it’s relatability with the observer. That being said, how do we relate to superheroes? Or better yet, what is it about superheroes that makes them relatable to the average person? Is it the powers? The gadgets? Maybe it’s their need to save people? Or is it because they represent the best in us?

Batman is one of the most popular superheroes to date. With two highly successful movie franchises, TV shows, animated movies, and merch coming out the wazoo, what is it about the cape crusader that makes him relatable? I mean he’s not exactly the kind of hero that cares about human progression. He seems more concerned with dealing with the evil in the world then shaking hands and kissing babies to appease the average law-abiding Gothamite.  So, what is it? Could it be his origin story? I still have both my parents but I could imagine losing them in such a violent way, the need for revenge would be so great. Actually my parents could die of natural causes and I think I would still dedicate my life to stalking the night and revenging their deaths.

Most of us can’t relate to Batman’s expensive state of the art tech and weapons, and it’s safe to say the same thing goes with Superman’s alien born powers. This guy has to be super (Pardon the pun) hard to relate to. I mean he see’s humans as delicate and fragile. His origin story is a bit far fetched for most. However, the fact that he crash landed on a farm and was raised by two people as their own is totally like my own story. Except you’d have to replace the rocket ship with my Mother’s womb and the farm with Scarborough General,  but I was unplanned so it’s kind of like crash landing into my parents lives.

Clark’s story is one of any immigrant. The visitor from a distant place, living in a foreign land and being accepted for who he is. I’ve always wondered if he wasn’t super, would be waiting in a Home Depot parking lot to jump into the back of some dude’s pickup truck for some renovation work?

Wolverine can cheat death. That’s the best way I can relate to him. Like a kid with some M80’s and a G.I. Joe doll, you can put Wolverine through anything, He just keeps coming back for more. He’s leo with claws. Also there’s his need to try to remember his past and his struggle to keep his humanity while being a slave to his berserker rage, Blah, blah, blah.

Wonder Woman and Thor are relatable because they’re all powerful Gods who’ve chosen to learn about the world of men, despite what their families think. Hey Thor, Wonder Woman, it’s pretty simple. We eat, we fight, we fuck, then we watch Breaking Bad.

Daredevil is pretty simple. He’s a man who was given radar sense after being blinded. Essentially Daredevil’s handicap is his strength which is something you learn in life, sometimes the things that are  perceived as weak can be one of your greatest assists. Daredevil is relatable because he can be an inspiration or an example for a lot of people. I’m sure there’s a dude out there with crippling halitosis who’s had the idea to get some pointy ears on his hoodie, a baton, and a law degree. What’s stopping you, man?

Finally I would have to say there’s nobody relatable in the Fantastic Four. I mean that’s a family who hangs out together … ALL THE TIME?! Even after thanksgiving dinner’s over?! That’s just not natural.

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