When it comes to Conventions, there isn’t a more interesting place than Artists’ Alley. It’s there where we find the superstars of tomorrow. There’s a lot of interesting folk there. And they’re not just selling comics. There’s prints, sculptures, paintings and even throw rugs. At this year’s Fan Expo Canada, one artist caught our eye with his interesting “head shot” portraits of various comic and film characters. What was even more interesting was when we put a camera on this man and let him talk about his art, superhero films and DC Entertainment’s handling of Bats and Supes. The artist in question is Terry Huddleston. Grab a pew because the Reverend Huddleston is about to preach about summer movies and it is quite a sermon indeed. Check out Terry’s work at thuddleston.deviantart.com.

To watch this video on Youtube, visit the Geek Hard Youtube Channel.

Watch how Terry links Dark Knight Rises to Rocky III. No really, his theory makes sense.