I know what you are thinking. First, why now with the show over a week gone and secondly, not on a Friday?

Well that’s because kids, Uncle Mr. Green was SUPER busy moving every single piece of collectible awesomeness I own (or as my girlfriend calls it “my shit”) into our new house. Boy did that move suck! Anyway, back to the list. The other reason is also I was waiting for something very special to be released on the site and that happened this week, as you will see below.

So I didn’t get a chance to write my summary write up of the show like I did last year so I decided to do this quick list of the hits for me. This is a list highlighting the moments that I enjoyed at Canada’s largest Convention and second largest in North America. Fan Expo expanded this year with it covering both buildings at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and adding in the hotly debated sports section.

I’ll quickly hit on the sports section issue. There was no issue with it. Nobody went around giving the nerds wedgies or pantsing them. Why anyone would think that is beyond me and honestly, a little too Afterschool Special for it to really happen. It will be interesting if it comes back next year and what they do to improve it.

Okay as for my hits here they are…

5. The Crowd/Lines

This has actually always made my list each year but usually my list for complaints. This year I had an amazing time in this regards. I was actually able to move reasonably well throughout the entire show on both sides of the building. I know for many it is still too crowded but for someone who has been going for many years and was mentally and physically prepared for the battle, it was surprising how little it bothered me this year. I found the lines to be moving extremely well and other than the Almost Human screening, I didn’t have to endure ridiculous line ups. For the average con goer this should have been a relief although the autograph seekers would still have to brave the lines for the celebrities they were craving to meet. My hat goes off to Fan Expo for making this year so much more enjoyable for me personally. And as a side bar, PLEASE  make sure to have the autograph area in the north building again next year as it made life on the con floor so much better.

4. Friends

Always one of my favourite parts of the con. Seeing old friends and making some new ones. Got to see Fred Kennedy & Adam Gorham and both mock and be mocked by them… good times indeed. Got see super talented artist Michael Walsh again and gush over his latest work on X-Files. He is one of the nicest, coolest guys you’ll meet. Added Captain Canuck concept artist Kalman Andrasofszky to my list cool artist friends. Saw friend of the show D.A. Bishop at his table pimping his work Strangers and Of Stone. You should check out his stuff! Got to speak with Adam Lopez of the amazing Toronto After Dark Film Festival where he unveiled the new spotlight series leading up to the fest (btw got to see Bad Milo last week and it rocked!). Unfortunately missed Nerd Biskit Lisa Bell the entire show but caught a quick glimpse on Sunday as we were all tired and dragging our gear to the car. She still had enough power to muster a smile and a quick hug, she rocks! For the others I saw, of course you are all equally awesome and I’m sorry that I didn’t get a chance to mention you here. But you rock too!


Credit: Ian Flash Jennings

3. Interviews – Captain Canuck /Bitten /Warehouse 13 /Lost Girl

I know its a bit of cheat but it’s my list damnit! I have gotten to speak with some these folks before and some for the first time. Returning was Kris Holden-Ried & Paul Amos of Captain Canuck and Lost Girl and Aaron Ashmore of Warehouse 13 but newly added was getting to speak with Laura Vandervoort, Greg Bryk and Greyston Holt of Bitten as well as Eddie McClintock and Allison Scagliotti of Warehouse 13. I also got to speak with the lovely Anna Silk and Ksenia Solo of Lost Girl. Getting a chance to talk all of these people was great and we got to have some fun and a talk a little about their shows which is of course the goal. Everyone was super cool and nice which makes the job easier and more enjoyable for all involved (I’m looking at you Carradine!) Regardless, thanks also needs to go out to Andrea at Space, Meg at Showcase and “the boys” Fadi Hakim & Paul Gardner at Captain Canuck Inc. for helping make these happen.

2. Slash

So this one blew my mind. I have been a fan of G’n’R since I was a kid and anything Slash has been a part of since is always amazing. When we found out he was coming to the show to help promote his new film production company Slasher Films and it’s first release Nothing Left to Fear, we jumped at the chance to talk with him. Unfortunately, I was not doing the interviewing for this one but man, it was super cool to meet this rock legend who turned out to be super cool. I even got him to take a picture with the infamous frog. He has so many great stories and boy, does he love him some pinball! I know I’m kind of marking out right now but it really was that cool to get to meet the man who helped define rock over the last 20 years. What’s great is that he is still doing it and now expanding into movies. If he brings anywhere near the same level of passion and excitement he showed us that day, then Slasher Films will be a powerhouse just like his music. Thanks to Leah and Chris at Amberlight for their help.

1. Terry Huddleston

WHO? Don’t worry I said the same thing until I got the see some his super cool art and then I had the greatest idea I have ever had at a con: “Let’s talk to this guy and see what he is about.” I like doing these types of interviews because these guys down in the trenches of artist alley are there each show, hocking their wares, hoping someone will buy their stuff and get noticed by a major company. In fairness, many guys have never really had a chance to do many interviews and some can get a little camera shy, which is natural. But every once in a while you come across a pontificator/prophet and that is Terry Huddleston. This man can make great art but he also has the gift of the gab. Something I know nothing of… Regardless, I think I asked him at most 2 questions before I was being schooled on everything and anything that got him riled up. It was awesome. I loved every moment of our time together. I would say it was great talking with him but like I said, not much talk was done by me. Check out our video here to see what I mean.

So there you have it. Some of my top hits at the show this year. If this is any indication of the future (and I hope it is), I’m really looking forward to going back year after year.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

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