Okay horror fans, you’re wait is over!

As of yesterday afternoon, the lineup for the 8th Annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival has been officially announced and it’s a doozy.

With an eclectic program of various horror and genre choices, this year’s offerings give a little something for everyone. There’s lighter fair like the over the top Big Ass Spider, starring Greg Grunberg as an exterminator who’s out to stop a giant arachnid. Ray Wise also appears in this film so it’s bound to entertain. We’ve also got a genre bender like Bounty Killer. Think Mad Max but with a campy vibe. Needless to say with a title like that, the body count better be high. We get a taste for the supernatural with Odd Thomas, directed by Stephen Sommers and starring Mr. Charlie Bartlett himself, Anton Yelchin. The fest would be missing something if it didn’t have at least one film where somebody can see ghosts and demons and whatnot. Thankfully, Mr. Sommers has got you covered. Things get a bit more scary with the new found footage film from Bobcat Goldthwait, Willow Creek. A couple goes into the woods to find Bigfoot……and never returns. The fact that it’s Goldthwait makes me want to check this one out more than any other film at the fest. The festival closes with another interesting film from Israel, Big Bad Wolves. This one appears to be more of a real life horror/thriller dealing with two cops who kidnap a suspected serial killer for a private interrogation in the woods. An interesting choice to end off the festival.


For a complete listing of all the films in this year’s festival as well as a schedule of what nights they are screening, go to the Toronto After Dark Website. And check out the video playlist below for all the trailers.

The Toronto After Dark Film Festival runs from October 17th to 25th at the Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto. Get your tickets now.

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