Halloween is just a day away and there’s a chill in the air. As regular readers of geekhardshow.com know, we like ourselves some scary movies. Between our coverage of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival and Brent Chittenden’s Halloween Hellraisers series, Horror movies have been the order of the day here. But it’s not only feature films that are catching our eye. This past week, a new short film that combines elements of horror and sci fi hit the interwebs, Incident #32-250.

From the mind of Jonathan Chiovitti (a past contributor to Geek Hard) comes this Twilight Zone-like story about a simple farmer and his wife and an unexpected horror that befalls them. Geek Hard fans will also be happy to know that it stars Kris Johnson of Creator on Creator and You’re So WEIRD, Multiverse! fame. Sharing the screen with him is Toronto actor Devon Hubka. If you’re looking for a nice appetizer before your main dish of slasher films, check out Incident #32-250.

Incident #32-250 is the latest production of Loose Noose Entertainment. Written, Directed and Produced by Jonathan Chiovitti.

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