Li’l Battlestar Galactica Cover by Agnes Garbowska

Yesterday marked the end of the New York Comic Con, the 3rd Largest Convention in North America, and there seems to be lots to talk about if you’re a comics fan. Unlike some other big cons, NYCC is the one show where you can guarantee that COMICS will be the main attraction (it helps when the two biggest companies vying for your comics dollar have headquarters in the city the convention is taking place). The Main Attraction they were as Marvel, DC, IDW, Archie Comics and even Dynamite had exciting announcements. Unfortunately, I was not able to witness these announcements and happenings firsthand. I, like many other geeks, was not able to make the trek to the big apple and had to rely on the many tweets, facebook posts and articles being posted by those who were there. From all the news that was sent out on the interwebs, here’s what I think were the top stories of the weekend.


Marvel Confirms Their New Titles (Silver Surfer, Avengers World, Black Widow, etc.)

We knew these were coming. We weren’t 100% sure on all of them but we knew that there would be a few. Marvel put out their usual teases before the show: Big Word + creative team = BUZZ! To no one’s surprise, Silver Surfer was announced with Dan Slott and Mike Allred as the creative team on board. The major selling point that Marvel was pushing is that Allred is apparently the first Surfer artist who actually surfs. Based on what he’s written on his blog, Allred is jazzed to be on the title and has a great deal of energy and love for the character. This might be the first Silver Surfer title that I want to check out.

Black Widow, another long rumoured series, was revealed with Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto as the creative team. Seems like a no-brainer to have a Black Widow title right now so I’m glad they’re going ahead with this and the creative team seems like a good choice. There was also much changes to the Avengers line as Avengers will now become Avengers World, Avengers A.I. will become A.I. Now and the survivors of Avengers Arena will be found in Avengers Undercover.

There was much news involving James Robinson as a little more light was shed on his New Invaders Title with artist Steve Pugh. It’s going to be present day stories with the team and will involve an event from the past involving the Kree on Earth. It was also announced at the show that Robinson will be taking over Fantastic Four with Leonard Kirk providing the illustrations. Matt Fraction’s 2 series, Fantastic and FF, will be ending in January as the writer will focus on his new Inhuman series and the Inhumanity event that kicks it off.

Other titles announced were Ghostrider by Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore, Iron Patriot by Ales Kot (who’ll also be taking over Secret Avengers) and Garry Brown, Elektra by Zeb Wells and Mike Del Mundo, Punisher by Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads, New Warriors by Chris Yost and Marcus To and Loki: Agent of Asgard by Al Ewing and Lee Garbett. A funny note about the Loki announcement is that before they revealed the book, the crowd was asked to “say his name”. A few of the attendees ended up saying “Heisenberg” instead. Needless to say, Walter White will not be coming to the Marvel Universe.


Miracle Man to be Printed from Start to Finish!

At the Cup o’ JOE panel it was revealed that starting in January 2014, Marvel will begin to republish the Miracle Man comic, starting with the Moore stories and going to the Neal Gaiman issues, which he will then conclude with Mark Buckingham. A video of Gaiman talking about the book accompanied the announcement. Check out the vid.


A Farewell to Betty and Veronica?

A popular panel to attend at the convention, it was standing room only at the Archie Comics panel where a big reveal shocked the crowd to a deafening silence. The panel touched upon the Archie: Afterlife series, the new Sabrina the Teenage Witch cartoon, the Archie live action film in the works and a “Rescue Riverdale” video game app. But the big story is the announcement of the new series starring Archie’s 2 leading ladies: Farewell, Betty and Veronica! The plan it seems is to remove these two characters from the Riverdale gang and replace them with two new female characters. Not much else was revealed but there has to be more to the story. I know that Archie Comics is all about being progressive these days but this seems like an odd move indeed. We’ll have to see what the future and this upcoming title will hold.

IDW’s Artist Editions and Jim Sterako’s “New Way to do Comics”

The IDW Artist Editions are a treat for collectors out there as they’re over-sized, hardcover books that reprint the art of some of the greatest comics done by legendary creators in the size and form of the original comic boards. There have been a great amount of amazing editions already out but at the New York Comic Con, they announced a mother load! Artist Editions of the Watchmen, Kirby’s New Gods, Charles Shulz’s Peanuts and 2 editions of Jim Steranko’s Nick Fury! Steranko, aka “The Most Interesting Man in Fandom” was on hand for the IDW panel and talked a bit about how he’s now working with the company. He apparently has a “new” comics format that he’s always wanted to try. He pitched Marvel on both a S.H.I.E.L.D. and a Captain America series using this format. They passed. He also went to DC with pitches using Batman and Superman. Dan Didio said he only understood “comic book pages”. So he went to IDW and they were on board right away. That new format was not yet revealed but they definitely have my and many others’ attention. For now, we can just be excited that there’s not just one but TWO Artist Editions of Steranko’s work coming out.

IDW to Republish Richard Stark’s Parker Original Prose Novels with Cooke’s Illustrations

This is another no-brainer that I’m surprised did not happen sooner. IDW’s other big news at the show was that with the encouragement from cartoonist and Parker Enthusiast Darwyn Cooke, they would be republishing the original Parker prose novels. After the success of Cooke’s comic adaptions, this seems like the next logical step. The new printings of the Parker Novels will feature covers and and illustrations by Cooke. Of all the cool announcements at the show, this one is probably my favourite.

Dynamite Gets Li’l

Tiny Titans‘ Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani are teaming up with Dynamite Comics to bring us the Li’l Dynamite Event that will take a number of the licensed properties at their disposal and give them the Li’l treatment. Collaborating with some talented creative teams, Art and Franco are set to give us Li’l Battlestar Galactica, Li’l Vampi (Vampirella), Li’l Sonja (Red Sonja), Li’l Bionic Kids (Bionic Man and Woman) and Li’l Ernie (Evil Ernie). Art will be providing covers for each of the one shots as will Agnes Garbowska (who’ll also be doing interiors on Li’l Vampi). Art and Franco have proved that their style is a lot of fun and adding Agnes to the mix as well as a bunch of other creators they have helping with this makes it a “Must Read” mini event.


Scott Snyder Announces the Return of Stephanie Brown

At the New 52 Batman Panel the question was asked, as it usually is at conventions, if Stephanie Brown would be coming soon? His response was yes. She is set to return in issue 3 the Batman Eternal series. Snyder stated he was very proud she can come back in the series and emphasized that this would the New 52 version of Brown which would be a “modern, fresh take that honors the character”. My guess that’s his way of saying “don’t expect Batgirl Stephanie Brown” or “we’re changing her. Be ready!” I know this isn’t the biggest return to be announced in the history of the New 52 but Stephanie’s got a loyal and vocal fan base that I’m sure is more than happy with the announcement.  Another victory for the bat-fans.

Troy Baker shows he’s got the Chops (and the voice) for Arkham Origins’ Joker

At the Batman: Arkham Origins‘ Panel, voice actor Troy Baker was on hand to talk about his work in the game as the new voice of the Joker. It was revealed that Troy had been given a lot of material to audition with, including a certain monologue from The Killing Joke. Of course this caused the crowd to want to hear him perform said monologue. After finding the text, he read aloud in character Joker’s words to Jim Gordon as he’s sent through the Fun House of Personal Horror. The results were fantastic! Baker appears to be the right man for the job as he pays homage to what Mark Hamill has done with the character and still bringing something new to the performance. Check out the video below to see what I mean.

So that’s the biggest stories to come out of NYCC’13, in my opinion anyways. To find out more on my thoughts on all of these announcements, be sure to catch the show this Friday!

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!