Hey peeps, Kris Johnson here. As many of you know I create comics under the banner of Bizarre Comics Entertainment in addition to my contributions here on the Geek Hard site. So, when this year’s Fan Expo rolled around, Andrew and Green thought it might be cool to leverage my “insider” perspective in a series of interviews with my fellow creators, and as they’re holding my family in an undisclosed location I enthusiastically agreed! Thus CREATOR ON CREATOR was born!

One of the coolest things about being a comic creator in the modern age is how simple it is to interact with other writers and artists from around the globe. The magic of the digital community has allowed me to meet a lot of wonderful and talented folks over the years, and even become friends in some cases.

Two folks who I’ve many solid conversations with via the Interwebs are D.A. Bishop and Ricky Lima , creators of Deep Sea. At this year’s Fan Expo I had the pleasure of meeting them both in the flesh for the first time and it was just as awesome as expected. Check out the interview below to hear Ricky and David talk all about Stranger, Of Stone, and Deep Sea!

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Watch as Kris and D.A. Bishop talk about Of Stone and other projects.