Hey peeps, Kris Johnson here. As many of you know I create comics under the banner of Bizarre Comics Entertainment in addition to my contributions here on the Geek Hard site. So, when this year’s Fan Expo rolled around, Andrew and Green thought it might be cool to leverage my “insider” perspective in a series of interviews with my fellow creators, and as they’re holding my family in an undisclosed location I enthusiastically agreed! Thus CREATOR ON CREATOR was born!

Now, with Fan Expo in the rear view, I continue my journey to bring you the most choice comic creator interviews wherever they may occur.

This past Saturday, October 26th, Stadium Comics in Brampton threw a big ol’ bash that they’ve taken to calling Halloween ComicFest. Featuring free comics, crazy deals, and more than a few notable local creators, the event proved difficult to resist for comic fans and was a huge success. I was able to swing by for a few hours myself and had a chance to speak with quite a few friends, both old and new. Check out the video below for part 1. The first batch of talks features Adam Gorham, Brian Evinou, James Edward Clark, Jason Loo, Sam Agro, and Marvin Law!

To watch this video on Youtube, visit the Geek Hard Youtube Channel.

Adam Gorham and Brian Evinou were just two of the great creators Kris spoke with at Stadium Comics Halloween Comicfest.

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