Hey peeps, Kris Johnson here. As many of you know I create comics under the banner of Bizarre Comics Entertainment in addition to my contributions here on the Geek Hard site. So, when this year’s Fan Expo rolled around, Andrew and Green thought it might be cool to leverage my “insider” perspective in a series of interviews with my fellow creators, and as they’re holding my family in an undisclosed location I enthusiastically agreed! Thus CREATOR ON CREATOR was born!

One of the absolute coolest things I had the opportunity to do at this year’s Fan Expo was have a fairly lengthy chat with the amazing Matteo Scalera. Who’s Matteo Scalera, you ask? Well, he just so happens to be one of the hottest up-and-coming artists over at the House of Ideas having worked on such titles as Secret Avengers and The Indestructible Hulk with Rick Remender and Mark Waid, respectively. In this writer’s opinion, he’s the next great A-List talent and next month he’ll continue his rise up the ladder when he teams up with Remender once again to bring us the creator-owned series Black Science.

Behold! So much bearded charm it can barely be handled!

To watch this Video on Youtube, visit the Geek Hard Youtube Channel.

Talking Art and Things with Matteo Scalera. Be sure to check out his latest work, Black Science, when it hits a comic shop near you.


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