Hey peeps, Kris Johnson here. As many of you know I create comics under the banner of Bizarre Comics Entertainment in addition to my contributions here on the Geek Hard site. So, when this year’s Fan Expo rolled around, Andrew and Green thought it might be cool to leverage my “insider” perspective in a series of interviews with my fellow creators, and as they’re holding my family in an undisclosed location I enthusiastically agreed! Thus CREATOR ON CREATOR was born!

Whenever I hit up a local con there are always a few guys that I know I’ll be bumping into and look forward to catching up with. Mike Del Mundo is one of the dudes at the top of that list. A local boy who has definitely made good, the Shuster Award winning king of the cover artists is not only immensely talented but is also just a great guy to boot as his multitude of fans can attest. Watch the video below for a heaping helping of the Man, the Myth, the Del Mundo!

To Watch this video on Youtube, visit the Geek Hard Youtube Channel.

Mike Del Mundo is more than just awesome covers…..but his covers are pretty awesome.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

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