Hey peeps, Kris Johnson here. As many of you know I create comics under the banner of Bizarre Comics Entertainment in addition to my contributions here on the Geek Hard site. So, when this year’s Fan Expo rolled around, Andrew and Green thought it might be cool to leverage my “insider” perspective in a series of interviews with my fellow creators, and as they’re holding my family in an undisclosed location I enthusiastically agreed! Thus CREATOR ON CREATOR was born!

Toronto is an awesome city for a number of reasons, but one of the things that makes it so special to me is the absolutely astounding amount of intelligent, creative people crammed into a single metropolis. As such, the T-Dot is completely bursting with indie talent in almost every creative avenue you can think of from comics and film, to music and video games. So, this week, in honour of creative diversity, feast your eyes and ears on a conversation I had at Fan Expo with local indie game house, ROCKET 5 STUDIOS!

Tim Miller and his team are responsible for such games and apps as Giant Moto, Holeshot Drag Racing, Alien Eyes, and, a project I was fortunate enough to work on, iSpoof Walken, and they’re currently working on a brand new point-and-click old-school mystery/adventure game for the iPhone and iPad called The Phantom P.I. I was lucky enough to get my dirty mitts on the game at FanExpo and talk to the team of Tim and Cathy all about what they have in store for us! Give a watch below.

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Check out Mission Apparition from Rocket 5 Studios

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