Hot damn! Kickstart My Heart is finally back and you know what that means, don’tcha, kids? That’s right! It’s means it’s time to talk about crowd funding!

Ahh, yes, crowd funding, a tool I’ve always felt is best taken advantage of by struggling artists. The people looking for a break. Folks trying to make a name for themselves and fund a dream through the limited methods available to them. Yes, when the old stand-bys are no longer cutting it, we creative types must oftentimes throw ourselves on the mercy of the interwebs and the generous souls who want to see some cool shit not starring Spider-Man.

As such, I like to help refocus our attention onto comic book and graphic novel ventures that truly need and deserve our hard-earned ducats from time to time, and with Kickstart My Heart I’m going to be doing just that. Well, that and make you think about Mötley Crüe way more than you normally would. That is, unless you’re Vince Neil or something… He, uh, doesn’t have much else going on.

So, when I spot a project on Kickstarter or Indiegogo that stands out and blows up my skirt, I’ll be telling you fine folks all about it in the hopes that you’ll make it rain for that campaign. In this column, you’ll be supplied with a breakdown of the project itself as well as interviews with the team running the campaign when possible.

Let’s begin.

Nelvana of the Northern Lights: Canada’s First Superheroine


Nelvana, created in 1941 by Adrian Dingle, is Canada’s 1st superheroine and one of the 1st superheroines in comics period, predating Wonder Woman herself by several months! During WWII the War Exchange Conservation Act came into effect, preventing the import of luxury goods like comic books into Canada from the United States. As such, enterprising Canadians took the opportunity to create their own publications featuring original heroes. Nelvana and the Golden age of Canadian comics was born!

Running for 31 issues, Nelvana proved to be one of the more popular creations of the time. Unfortunately, once the war ended and high volume/low cost comics from American publishers began to once again flood Canadian stands the demand for home grown products decreased. Eventually Nelvana became only a memory… That is until Hope Nicholson and Rachel Richey came along.

Armed with the rights to reprint all of Nelvana’s classic stories, these long-time comic fans aim to help readers rediscover the awesome that is NELVANA OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTS with a first ever complete collection of all 31 of her adventures!

The Goal


The goal has been reached! Currently sitting at nearly $40,000 the Nelvana project is nearing the limit of its stretch fund goals. The team currently has a few things planned out to $45,000 so lets keep pumping those dollars in folks, as more success for Nelvana can only be a good thing.

The Perks

$5 – Tweet a personal thank you.

$10 – The only colour issue of Nelvana, reprinted for your reading pleasure as a comic book!

$15 – A Digital Version of Nelvana! Ready to read on your Kindle, Kobo, or home computer.

$20 – Calendar featuring 12 months of pin-ups of Canada’s favourite superheroine as envisioned by members of the team. Digital PDF of the full Nelvana book included!

$25 – Your selection of a Nelvana print by our roster of artists: Francis Manapul, Ramon Perez, Jeff Lemire, Ray Fawkes, J. Bone, Adam Gorham, Steve Manale, Jason Laudadio, Jay Stephens, Marco Rudy, Kalman Andrasofszky, Michael Walsh, Scott Hepburn, Alex Perkins, Kate Leth, and Jordyn Bochon

$30 – THE BOOK: One copy of the complete Nelvana collection! Approx. 175 pages, double-sided, gorgeous black and white art-work with minimal alteration from the original source. Includes the Nelvana colour issue.

$50 – READING PACKAGE: 1 copy of the Nelvana Book, 1 digital copy of the Nelvana Book, and the Nelvana colour comic

$60 – By request! 1 Nelvana book 1 Calendar 1 Print

$100 – 1 Softcover edition 4 Prints 1 Digital Edition

$160 – RETAILERS INCENTIVE: Buy 10 books at a 45% discount

$250 – An original Nelvana art piece created by Genevieve FT created exclusively for this campaign

$250 – An original Nelvana art piece created by Adam Gorham exclusively for this campaign

$250 – An original Nelvana art piece created by Steve Manale exclusively for this campaign

$250 – An original Nelvana art piece created by Jay Stephens exclusively for this campaign

$250 – An original Nelvana art piece created by JR Faulkner. Note this art piece will be in black-and-white unless you want it coloured at an additional fee

$300 – FULL PACKAGE: 1 copy of each Nelvana print, 1 hard-copy of the book, 1 digital copy of the book, and 1 copy of the colour comic book addition.

$500 – An original Nelvana art piece created by Marco Rudy exclusively for this campaign

$500 – An original Nelvana art piece created by Scott Hepburn exclusively for this campaign

$500 – An original Nelvana art piece created by Ray Fawkes exclusively for this campaign


Still need some convincing? Well, lucky for you Andrew and Green sat down with Rachel and Hope this past week on Geek Hard! Give the interview a listen HERE.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

Adam Gorham’s Print of Nelvana is one of the perks still available for contributing to this successful Kickstarter campaign.