Let the gravity of the situation set in…..okay.

This week we indulge in two of our favourite things as Geek Hard talks about outer space and comic books. And we won’t be talking about it alone. Joining Andrew and Mr. Green via phone will be cartoonist Chad Blakely. Chad is no stranger to Geek Hard as not only is he a former guest of the show (back in 2011) but also a monthly contributor to our site. You can catch his fantastic webcomic, Artist Allies, exclusively at Geek Hard at the start of every month. Chad will be on to talk about his latest comic, The Con Job. Here’s a quick write up on the book:


Bernie Romero created an entire universe for Spectacular Comics in the 60s & they ripped him off.Now it’s time for the PAYBACK! The Con Job is just like Oceans 11, if it was about 3 geeks getting revenge for the wrongs of the past and was at Comic Con!

To find out more about The Con Job, check out the official facebook page and be sure to listen this Friday.

But that’s not all! Geek Hard takes a trip to the stars…..well actually, no, we’ll take another trip to the movie theater to see Gravity, starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. Will this be the sci fi masterpiece that some are claiming or will it be Open Water in Space? Listen this Friday as Andrew and Mr. Green chime in with their opinions.

All this, plus the news and reviews that you’ve come to expect, right here on Geek Hard. Listen LIVE! This Friday at 7pm Eastern on the station that sets you adrift amongst s sea of  reality, www.realityradi0101.com. Strap yourselves in as you could be stranded and stolen all within the same hour.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

Will Gravity keep us riveted or will it have us begging to get back to Earth?