Geek Hard is always on the look out for new and interesting television series coming our way. Whether it’s drama, comedy or a mix of both, we love to check out new offerings for t.v. enjoyment. We especially like shows that take risks and cut out all the bullshit. 24 Hour Rental, premiering in December in the Superchannel, just might be that show. Directed by George Mihalka and with a cast that includes Michael Biehn, comedian Aaron Berg, Gavin Crawford and Mike Smith (Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys), the series is about a gangster (Romano Orzari) who’s been put out to pasture and all he’s got going for him is a crappy video store that he runs scams and illegal porn out of. With a crew of bumbling idiots to back him up and rivals that include mobsters he’s indebted to and a rival video store owner that wants him out of business, things are not going well for this once and future(?) king of the criminal underworld. This past summer at Fan Expo Canada (where else?) Andrew got the chance to talk to a number of the folks involved with the series and found out more about what’s in store for us in December.

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Michael Biehn cannot believe what they got to do on 24 Hour Rental.

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