Welcome to another edition of New Comics, where we give our suggestions on what books to pick up when perusing the comic shelves week to week. As always, I am  joined by Kris Johnson of Bizarre Comics Entertainment. Read on to find the best of what the comic shop has in store for you this week.

Here we go.

THOR GOD OF THUNDER #15 $3.99 (Marvel) – Now that you’ve gotten a huge man or lady-boner from experiencing the awesome of Thor: The Dark World, you’re probably looking for another fix of that sweet, sweet Asgardian meat. Yup, that was the word that rhymed there. Well, lucky for you, like any good drug dealer Marvel’s got you covered. This month, Thor continues his hunt for Malekith The Accursed (Hey! You know that guy!) with the assistance of his compatriots in the League of Realms. While this story isn’t quite as cool as what Jason Aaron has whipped up for us in the past it should still satisfy your hankering for hammers and elf guys. (Kris Johnson)

COLOSSAL CONAN HC $150.00 (Dark Horse) – By Crom! This is one bad-ass hardcover collection. Over FIFTY issues of the Cimmerian in action! When Dark Horse started this particular series, I picked up the first issue on a whim and was instantly hooked on the sword and sorcery action that was housed within. I got a Robert E. Hard-On with each subsequent issue. To return to a time when I didn’t know just how awesome Conan is and to discover the magic of the Barbarian all over again would be heaven. But since this is the real world, I can only enjoy the fact that I already know exactly how awesome these stories by Kurt Busiek and Timothy Truman with amazing artwork from the likes of Cary Nord and Tomás Giorello actually are. I can also preach to the masses that have not yet experienced these tomes of brilliance to pick up this massive Barbarian bible and get to reading. So that’s exactly what I’m doing! (Andrew)

MANIFEST DESTINY #1 $2.99 (Image) – In this new series from Image, Lewis and Clark set out on their famous journey of discovery in 1804. Voyaging into the unknown Western regions of the American frontier under orders from President Jefferson, the duo are tasked with charting their discoveries while eliminating any and all supernatural threats that stand in their way. It’s twisted history in the grand comic book tradition, and as I have a project that touches on similar themes in the works it’ll be fun to check out what other folks are up to in that sandbox. With art from Matthew Roberts and a script from Being Human’s Chris Dingess this should be a good one! (Kris Johnson)

NOIR #1 $3.99 (Dynamite) – I think it’s now officially gotten to the point where I can’t remember a time that Dynamite wasn’t neck deep in pulp heroes. It seems they’ve amassed a virtual army of them, so much so that they’ve now taken to crossing them over on a regular basis. As a fan of pulp heroes, I can’t say that I’m annoyed at this. The opposite is a more correct statement. In this latest Dynamite Team-Up story, The Black Sparrow’s been playing some dirty pool with her latest heist. She was hired to steal a mysterious “Moon Stone” and instead of giving it to her employers, decides to keep it for a better offer. This doesn’t sit well with her clients who steal it from her. Now she’s gotta get it back and somehow convince The Shadow to help her. You know The Shadow, right? He’s that guy who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men. Well let’s find out what evil is a lurking in the first issue of this new series aptly titled Noir. Noir as in Crime Noir if you need it spelled out for you. (Andrew)

BATMAN #25 $4.99 (DC Comics) – Capullo and Snyder return to drop us deep into Dark City: Chapter One! The Riddler has made his inaugural play, taking center stage for the first time in the Dark Knight’s re-imagined history. What’s Nigma’s game? What does he hope to accomplish by plunging Gotham City into darkness? I’m sure Brucie will find out and his investigative methods will most likely involve a few fists and probably an elbow or two. (Kris Johnson)

SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN NOW #5 $2.99 (Marvel) – You know those lists on various websites that list off the “Best Books You’re Not Reading“? You know those lists? Yeah, well this book should be on every one of them. Interesting bunch of characters in the Sinister Six (or Five)? Check! Crime Capers set in the Marvel Universe focusing on some lesser used characters? Check! A nice helping of comedy that sets the mood without overtaking it? Check! Not to mention fantastic artwork by Steve Lieber and engaging storytelling from one of the most underrated writers at Marvel in Nick Spenser. This book’s gotta ton of potential and  is just waiting for you to give it a try. So stop waiting for it to show up on a list somewhere and go get it for yourself right now……or on Wednesday. (Andrew)

AVENGERS ARENA #17 $2.99 (Marvel) –  The wait between issues of this book is becoming more and more painful as the series rockets towards it’s conclusion. A few of the kids have finally managed to break free of Arcade’s Murder World Island only to find themselves trapped in Arcade’s Murder World Island Control Bunker ™ at the mercy of the red-headed psychopath himself! Will more of the kids meet their maker before all is said and done, or will an island-wide ginger smear spell freedom for our heroes? (Kris Johnson)

MARVEL KNIGHTS X-MEN #1 $3.99 (Marvel) – It’s a mutant road story. It’s a murder mystery. It deals with your past coming back to mess shit up for you…..you know, shit like breathing and living and stuff. What happens when Wolverine, Kitty Pryde and Rogue go to a backwoods town to stop some new mutants from getting murdered? My guess is a misunderstanding that leads to fights and action galore. Written and drawn by Brahm Revel this book promises to be edgy, dark and mysterious, three things that fit X-Men stories quite nicely. (Andrew)

UMBRAL #1 $2.99 (Image) – Growing up on a steady diet of stuff like Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal I’m a huge fan of dark fantasy worlds. With Umbral, Image Comics and Antony Johnston are promising exactly that along with a healthy dose of epic world-building on the side for good measure. The artwork looks weird and beautiful and the potential this series has is off the charts. I’ve been promised blood and high adventure, and I better get it, dammit! (Kris Johnson)

SNOOPY COWABUNGA TP $9.99 (Pocket Books) – If there’s one comic from my childhood that I still can’t get enough of, it’s Peanuts. These simple stories about a group of friends who never appear to get any older and hear all adults like trumpet sounds will always be comics comfort food for me. With this new collection of Charles Shulz classics, it’s the perfect way to introduce the characters to your child. This pocket book collects a smattering of beach themed strips for your reading pleasure. Smart money’s on Joe Cool making at least one appearance. Fun for the whole family, make these stories a staple of entertainment in your home. (Andrew)

So there you go. Check these books out and let us what you think. We’ll be back again next week with more choice cuts of comic goodness!


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