A Tale of Norseman and Numbsculls….guess which category our hosts fall under?

This week, the Marvel movie-verse returns to the CIN-E-MA! That’s right, Marvel Studios releases yet another chapter in their super franchise and Geek Hard will be talking about it. In fact, the weight and power of it all has forced us to call in for back up. Joining Andrew and Mr. Green in studio will be the best damn fill-in host Geek Hard has ever seen (as voted by 50% of the show’s staff). You may know him as the CEO of Bizarre Comics Entertainment, Columnist for You’re So WEIRD, Multiverse! and Host of the Geek Hard-produced Creator on Creator. You may also know him as Kris Johnson (because that’s his name). Kris will be hanging out with the guys for the whole show, giving his expertise on comic book movies and Norse mythology, two things that weigh heavy on our movie review for this week.

Is that Wonder-Sif?

Yes ladies, you can rejoice. That big blonde Himbo with a Hammer returns to the big screen this week and many here on Midgard are weak in the knees in anticipation. The second installment in the Thor trilogy, Thor: The Dark World, brings the thunder to theatres this Friday but will it be with a bang or a whimper? Thor currently stands as one of the best received Marvel films by mainstream fans but does not really rank high with hardcore fanboys. Which camp will this sequel plant its flag? Listen this Friday to see what Andrew, Green and Kris have to say about it.

There also may be a few surprises coming you’re way if you give us a listen.

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Thor Brings the Hammer this Friday but will he bring the Pain?