This week on the show we bring you a little nerdy music and some more kids killing each other (sold separately).

It’s another installment of the Geek Hard Music Club with special guests Debs and Errol. Joining Andrew and Mr. Green via phone, this dynamic duo will be on to tell you all about Ctrl+Alt+Duets, their new EP released back in October. If you’re a fan of pop culture, there’s something for you on this album as they bring you send ups of a number of notable songs. Be sure to listen this Friday as we’ll not only be talking with this musical pairing but also be featuring a few of their songs. Here’s a quick bio on Debs and Errol:

After meeting through their local chapter of National Novel Writing Month, the two joined forces in 2011 after a mutual friend put out a call for geeky musical acts and have been entertaining audiences with nerdy showtunes and ridiculous on-stage banter ever since. Feedback from their shows has ranged from “cleverness and wit mixed with a healthy dose of cute” and “awesome music talent, fun artistry and accessible geek humor” to simply “adorable.”

They were thrilled when their “Geek Love Song,” was featured on CBC Radio’s “Here and Now” in February 2012 during its Valentine’s Day special. This song in addition to many other Debs & Errol originals are featured on their debut CD, “Songs in the Key of Geek”, released to critical acclaim in April, 2012.

When not together, Debs focuses on writing serious things and Errol works on becoming tactful in public.

For more on Debs and Errol and their latest album, check out their website and be sure to listen to our interview with them this Friday.

But nerdy music isn’t the only thing in store for you this week, folks. Geek Hard takes another trip to the local cinema to give you their review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the second installment in the saga of Katniss and her arrow shooting ways. Will this film live up to the fun and excitement of the first flick or will the districts be disgraced? Listen this Friday and find out what Andrew and Mr. Green have to say about it.

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Listen this Friday to find out if Catching Fire holds the attention of our geeky hosts.