Sorry to have to be the barer of bad news but tonight there will be no show.

Due to an unforeseen attack on the studio by those damn Pumas and Bionic Hamsters some of our studio equipment has bit the biscuit. Forcing Yuri to work hard to repair it as fast as he can. However while he has super human strength he does not have super human speed like the Flash to fix everything in time for us to do the show.

However for those who were hoping to hear what we had to say about The Hobbit tonight. We will do a review of it on next weeks show along with all of our regular insanity. We are firmly confident that now that the devious tag team of the Puma/Hamster alliance has been defeated that we will have no issues being live again next week.

We thank you for the understanding and we promise to only disappoint you no more then 6 times a year. We don’t think that’s all bad. But if you really want a fix, take a listen to our archives here on the site of our past shows to get you through, until next week.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!