Well, 2014 is almost upon us and 2013 will soon be in our rear view. It’s amazing how quickly the days go by. It feels like if you blink, you might miss a whole month of happenings. With that in mind, I thought I’d take this opportunity to look back on the year that was as it relates to all things Geek Hard. This will be a two part series that will bring you up to speed on 2013’s interviews, shows and articles that came from us friendly folk at Geek Hard. Whether it was the website or the radio show, there’s was always lots to talk about. So jump in the way-back machine with me as we take a short trip to the beginning of the year and all the craziness that came along with it. You just might learn something.



The year started with a lot of ch-ch-changes. Mr. Green returned from his hiatus from the show……for one episode. We had him back for the “Best of 2012” show that also featured guests Kris Johnson and Adrienne Kress, both regulars on the show and writers and creators in their own right. Then Mr. Green was gone again. But thankfully, just as 2012 had ended off, Kris Johnson was once again my cohost for the remaining three shows of that month. Kris and I took a long look at new Marvel Now Titles and ended up chatting with guests Sam Huntington and Chloe Dykstra about the minutia of pop culture and a multitude of others things. Kris also joined our website staff with a new column called You’re So WEIRD, Multiverse! covering the world of indie comics and mainstream titles that are of the beaten path. He was a big help. Our own Brent Chittenden was also still pounding the keys and delivering his weekly article, Fear and Loathing in Geekdom,which he hasn’t missed a week on yet. It was a quiet but steady start to the year.

Episodes of Note:

Episode 143 with special guests Sam Huntington and Chloe Dykstra

Artiles of Note:

Fear and Loathing in Geekdom #56: When Do You Drop a Book?

You’re So WEIRD, Multiverse! – The Beginning

Fear and Loathing in Geekdom #57: Directors’ Cuts You Should See

You’re So WEIRD, Multiverse! – Archeologists of Shadows Book One



Mr. Green returned from his hiatus……for real this time. And what a show to return on……our 3 year anniversary! We celebrated this accomplishment by having the 3rd annual Froggy Awards! (These are our awards of excellence that we give out to the best guests on our show from the previous year). It was an extra special awards ceremony as former Golden Grant Award Winner J. Torres was there to announce this year’s luckly recipient of the title of Geek Hard’s Best Comic Creator Guest. The Winner was Greg Rucka who accepted via phone and was very gracious. Unlike J, he appeared to be content with just receiving the honor and not getting an actual trophy. (Don’t worry J, your trophy is in the mail…..promise). We also had a grand time talking with comic creator Ramon Perez and actor Mather Zickel throughout the month. On the site, I was knee deep in Marvel Now Reviews and found a few new titles to add to my favourites. There were also a ton of Movies and DVDs to review as my brother Nathan returned to examine terrible films with me for the Two Brothers Review Column where everything my brother said about the film, no matter how non sequitur, was posted in the article. It made for some very interesting posts. All went pretty well……except for the storm that snowed us out of the studio that one week. Other than that, things went pretty well.

Episodes of Note:

Episode #144 with special guests Greg Rucka and J. Torres

Articles of Note:

Spaceship Superstars: My Review of Space Milkshake

Two Brothers Review The Package with Steve Austin and Dolph Lundgren

You’re So WEIRD, Multiverse! – The Linked Lantern Legacies of Geoff Johns and Alan Moore

Fear and Loathing in Geekdom #61: Sound City Review




This was the month where business picked up something fierce. We had a slew of guests phoning into our show, including Fan Expo Organizer James Armstrong and actor (and favourite guest of Geek Hard) Meaghan Rath. There was also a pop in at the end of the month from everybody’s favourite terrorist leader, the one and only Cobra Commander. His ongoing feud with Mr. Green reached another plateau as the snake blew up his car during the broadcast. Green was double-pissed because it was done remotely and there was no way to prove that the Commander had done any wrong doing. On the site, we had a number of contributors posting about comics, books and video games including author Adira Rotstein and gamer Danny J. Geek Hard also attended their first convention of the year, making the trip to the Toronto Comicon. Both Mr. Green and myself were on hand along with Brent Chittenden,  convention correspondent Ken Baumgartner and cameraman extraordinaire, Jonathan Chiovitti. We got to talk to many a comic creator at this show but we also found out a bit about the Captain Canuck Webseries (then in it’s infancy) and a new program called Orphan Black which would go on to be a ratings hit for BBC America. Check out these interviews with actors from both shows below.

Geek Hard chats with the cast of Orphan Black


Geek Hard chats with the cast of Captain Canuck


Episodes of Note:

Episode #149 with special guest Meaghan Rath

Episode #152 with special guest Cobra Commander

The Captain Canuck Indiegogo Campaign Launch Special

Articles of Note:

We’re Playing Tomb Raider

Words From Beyond: Mental Illness as Depicted in Batman




April was another successful month of programing for us as we welcomed guests and friends on the show, including comedian Gavin Stephens (who also writes on occasion for us with his column Things I’ve Learned while Buying Plastic Men) and Orphan Black cast Member Jordan Gavaris. We also got a visit from my rival and blood-sucking enemy, Teddy Wilson, who came on to gloat about having not just one show on cable (InnerSPACE on SPACE) BUT TWO! (He’s also the host on the north american version of Never, Ever Do This At Home on Discovery). On top of this and our usual reviews on the site, Mr. Green got to sit down for a four part video interview with one of his favourite authors, Jim Butcher. Butcher was in town as a special guest at the Ad Astra convention and talked with Green for close to an hour about his work on The Dresden Files and other projects. Check out part 1 of that interview below.

Geek Hard Presents: A Conversation with Jim Butcher (Part 1)


The Andrew/Teddy Rivalry is properly Hyped with this Video Package

Episodes of Note:

Episode #154 with special guest Teddy Wilson

Episode #156 with special guest Jordan Gavaris

Articles of Note:

You’re So WEIRD, Multiverse! – A Souls Winter for Bay’s TMNT

We’re Playing Bioshock Infinite

Things I Learned…..Now I Can’t Say the “M” Word?

Fear and Loathing in Geekdom #70: How Jill Thompson helped me get Engaged!




May was very fruitful with its guests! This month marked the record number of guests on the Geek Hard radio show in a calendar month: 8 guests over 5 shows. And some of these guests were no slouches. Dave Willis and Casper Kelly, creators of You’re Pretty Face Is Going To Hell, as well as author Max Allan Collins called into the show to talk about their recent works. Our good friends from Todd and the Book of Pure Evil also made their presence felt as actor Bill Turnbull and show creator Craig David Wallace came on the program to talk about the successfully crowd funded Todd animated movie that will be coming our way this year. There were also tons of Comics, Games and Movies reviewed on our site and I had a few things to say about Iron Man 3.

Episodes of Note:

Episode #158 with special guests Dave Willis and Casper Kelly

Episode #159 with special Guests Max Allan Collins and Andrew Gurudata

Articles of Note:

Andrew’s Picks: The Greatest Iron Man Stories

You’re So WEIRD, Multiverse! – Get FUBAR’D on Free Comic Book Day

Mr. Green’s Injustice: Gods Among Us Review

Rentals Under the Radar: Airheads


June was a busy month for us both on the show and in our field trips throughout the Toronto Area. Adrienne Kress Returned to talk about her new book, Outcast, a young adult book that deals with Angels……kind of. Comic creators Jeffrey Brown and Christos Gage each graced the show with a phone interview and Norm Sousa, Teddy Wilson’s better half on Never Ever Do This At Home, called in as well to talk about how much better he is than Teddy (at least in my opinion). On the site, Mr. Green started a one man war with the Man of Steel movie. Blood was shed and bodies broken and everyone knew that Green hated that movie by the end of it. Mr. Green and I were also guest presenters at the Constellation Awards for the third straight year. We gave out the award for best male performer in a television series and things almost went awry when I couldn’t find the winner’s envelope. Thankfully, it was under the chair where I was sitting and I was able to retreive it before all the nominees were rhymed off. I also got to chat with the indie nerd rock duo that is The Doubleclicks when they performed at the Silver Snail. Check out the Interview below.

Geek Hard Presents: A Conversation with The Doubleclicks


Episodes of Note:

Episode #163 with our review of Man of Steel

Episode #164 with special guests Jeffrey Brown and Christos Gage

Articles of Note:

Andrew’s Picks: The Greatest Superman Stories

Fear and Loathing in Geekdom #77: Man of Steel Review or……

Mr. Green’s Thoughts on why Man of Steel is Stupid!

You’re So WEIRD, Multiverse! – Post York


So that’s all for the first half on our look back on the year that was 2013. Check back here tomorrow for part 2 and check out all the stuff you missed from Geek Hard throughout the year!

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!