Welcome to another edition of New Comics, where we give our suggestions on what books to pick up when perusing the comic shelves week to week. As always, I am  joined by Kris Johnson of Bizarre Comics Entertainment. Read on to find the best of what the comic shop has in store for you this week.

Here we go.

INHUMANITY #1 $3.99 (Marvel) – From the ashes of INFINITY springs the next big Marvel storyline: Inhumanity! From writer Matt Fraction and god amongst artists, Olivier Coipel, comes the story of what becomes of the Inhuman race now that they believe their king to be dead and the Earth has been blanketed in the Terrigen Mists. We now know that the Inhumans have been seeding the earth with their DNA for centuries, essentially creating thousands of unknowing “sleepers” just waiting to be activated. With the entire planet experiencing Terrigenesis and new Inhumans powering up every minute, how will the rest of humanity respond? It’s a brand new day for the Marvel U and it looks to be one filled with much punching and blasting of powers. (Kris Johnson)

VELVET #2 $2.99 (Image) – If you read the first issue, I shouldn’t have to pitch you on coming back for more. And if you haven’t, you need to right that shit immediately. Velvet’s on the run for a murder she didn’t commit. The only way to get herself off is to find out who really killed Agent X-14 and why. Shouldn’t be too hard. She’s just gotta retrace the bloody steps of this spy while making sure to not to step on any of the bodies he left in his wake. If you’re looking for a book that’ll grab you, use you like its plaything and leave you salavating for the next issue, this one’s is for you. What else can you expect from the team that killed Captain America…..sure, they did it with time bullets and he didn’t stay dead, but they still killed him and that makes them bad-ass! To see more of Brubaker and Epting’s bad-assness, look no further than Velvet. (Andrew)

SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #23 $3.99 (Marvel)Superior Spider-Man is a fun book filled with a lot of interesting ideas and a great many pretty pictures. I know there are a ton of folks out there that are still sore about the whole Peter Parker being dead thing (I give that another six months tops), but they need to get over that shit because they’re missing out of a very important chapter in the life of everyone’s favourite arachnid-themed super-dude. This week, several very big stories are coming to a head as the series appears to be reaching it’s endgame. Green Goblin, Carlie Cooper and The Wraith all know “Peter Parker” is not who he says he is and are each preparing to tighten the noose in their own special ways. I’m guess Gobby’s involved lots of gourd-shaped explosives and purple. On top of all that, Spidey throws down with Agent Venom! Check it out if you like your comics to be fun. (Kris Johnson)

ARCHIE DOUBLE DIGEST #246 $3.99 (Archie) – It’s no secret that I love Christmas. I’m a big fan of all things that are Yuletide friendly, including comics. I even love the crappy Christmas comics. Here’s hoping this isn’t one of them as Archie and the Riverdale gang get in the festive spirit in the latest double digest. Turns out Jingles the elf is back in town and he’s up to no good. But he might end up on the naughty list and be out of a job if he doesn’t do a few good deeds. Will he be able to pull it off and keep in the good graces of Ol’ Saint Nick? Maybe Archie and the gang can help with that. They’re into that do-gooder stuff, right? Buckle up for some family friendly, holiday fun. (Andrew) 

AMAZING X-MEN #2 $3.99 (Marvel) – Some of the X-Men are in Hell, others are in Heaven, but regardless of their metaphysical state they’ve all got one thing on their mind: Bringing their favourite fuzzy elf back with them to the land of the living. The first issue featured a lot of solid art, some tremendous writing and much buckling of swashes so I can’t wait to dive right in to issue 2 and get my Nightcrawler on once again! Yes, there are lot of X-Men books on the stands these days but as long as they look as great and are as fun as AMAZING, I ain’t complainin’. And you better not either or you might get socked in the mush. (Kris Johnson)

ROVER RED CHARLIE #1 $3.99 (Avatar) – There’s a million stories out there about the end of the world and people dealing with it. But what about the dogs? In this story from Garth Ennis and painter Michael Dipascale, three dogs – helper dog Charlie and his two pals Rover and Red – must escape New York as it falls apart and find a new place to live in a world gone to hell. It’s like The Incredible Journey with an apocalyptic twist. Knowing Ennis, I’m really hoping this doesn’t literally turn into a “Dog eat Dog” tale. With him, you never know. (Andrew)

TO HELL YOU RIDE LTD HC $99.99 (Dark Horse) – A supernatural western from the pen of the mighty Lance Henricksen! I should probably just stop right there, as that’s all the motivation you should need. … No? Need a little more? Fine, then. fine. Tom Mandrake illustrates this story of a small frontier town stricken by a skin-melting curse and the self-destructive hero who may hold the key to its salvation. During it’s original mini-series run TO HELL YOU RIDE received high marks from nearly every comic or horror site worth its salt. Pick it up this Wednesday and discover why folks are lauding it as a modern horror masterpiece. (Kris Johnson)

ABSOLUTION HAPPY KITTY SPECIAL #1 $3.99 (Avatar) – I’ll admit I’m not up to speed on the latest happenings in the life of John Dusk within the pages of Absolution. But who cares? This story is about Happy Kitty, a teenage girl raised on violet video games and trained by killers to fuck your shit up! She’s got enhanced agility and precognition, both handy tools in a fight. If you’re looking for a story that’s guaranteed  at least one kill crazy rampage with an impressive body count, it’s right here. Christos Gage brings the story and Paul Duffield provides the pretty, blood soaked pictures. Four different covers gives you some variety on how you want the carnage served up. Choose wisely. (Andrew)

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #700.1 $3.99 (Marvel) – For all of the folks who’re still really missing the one, true Peter Parker, Marvel has got you covered on the One-Year Anniversary of his “death”. Beginning with this bad boy right here Marvel will be releasing a series of 700 Point Insert Number Here issues featuring all new Amazing Spidey stories from top creators such as this issue’s superstar tandem of David Morrell of First Blood fame and Klaus Janson of “Goddammit, it’s Klaus Janson!” fame. For this spin around the spectacular web of untold Spidey tales of yore, our pal Petey must protect NYC during a crazy-ass blizzard while also attempting to save the life of his beloved Aunt May… because of course he has to save Aunt May, dammit! Pick up this book and feel all those old Spidey feelings just in time for the holidays. (Kris Johnson)

AVENGERS ANNUAL 2013 #1 $4.99 (Marvel) – Like I said earlier, I’m a sucker for Christmas comics. Especially superhero Christmas comics. It’s Christmas Eve and Captain America….you know the guy I mentioned earlier?…..the guy that Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting killed (not really)…. is all alone in Stark Tower. What could possibly go wrong? I don’t know, how about somebody messing with the tower’s defenses and turning them against Earth’s Migtiest? Or maybe a girl with powers she can’t control showing up and causing things to go more awry than they already are? Hopefully Steve’s got a plan to deal with each of the aforementioned problems and still have time to put out the milk and cookies for Santa. Let’s spend Christmas Eve with Cap…..sounds like a title for a Holiday Special……and see what happens. (Andrew)


So there you go. Check these books out and let us what you think. We’ll be back again next week with more choice cuts of comic goodness!

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Rover Red Charlie #1