With Superman/Batman being pushed back a year, it reminded me of the previous attempt at a Cowl vs Cape film that got stuck in developmental hell a number of years back. So I thought it was time for another round of Whatever Happened To….?


Cowboy Bebop (American live action film)


A favorite of many anime fans and many people who aren’t big fans of anime alike, Cowboy Bebop was an anime that captured North America’s geek fandom. The show was about a group of bounty hunters in space in a future where the universe has become a bit like the wild west. In 2008, we learned that the property was in development at Fox with Keanu Reeves set to star. And then nothing.  What happened? Budget issues. The studio didn’t want to put in the amount of money that producers were asking for. It seems to be stuck and Reeves has apparently left the project. Too bad. I don’t really say Reeves is perfect for many parts but he’d make a good Spike Spiegel. Maybe that’s why he’s so sad.


Akira (American live action)

Not a mistake, he's white.

Not a mistake, he’s white.

A film that shouldn’t be made in the first place but Hollywood has been trying to make Akira as a big budget film since 2002.  Last we heard director Jaume Collet-Serra (House of Wax, Orphan, Unknown) was set to helm with Gary Oldman being part of the cast. That was in 2011.  Once again, budget comes in to play. If you’ve ever seen Akira, you know that any attempt to make it live action would need a huge budget and Hollywood isn’t sure about the investment. Which is just as well I think. Neo New York? Urgh.


Captain America: White (comic book)

CAPWHITEJeph Loeb tends to be hit or miss with me but when he works with Tim Sale, it’s always a must buy. Their Marvel work has been pretty solid with Daredevil: Yellow being a favourite book of mine and I was really looking forward to Captain America: White. Hell, we even got a #0 issue…. okay issue is kind of stretching it as it was only a few pages of story and a big interview with the creative team. Currently the project is still on the table but Loeb has been busy heading up Marvel’s tv division and Sale has been working on other things as well. What amazes me is that Marvel didn’t light a fire under this for the first Captain America film and at current moment, we won’t see it for the sequel either. It’d be a perfect book for fans of the film.


Star Wars 1313 (video game)

2122841-169_starwars1313stillindev_gsnews_10312012Man, this hurts to talk about.  This was a 3rd person Star Wars game about a bounty hunter. Amazing graphics, incredible setting and a different concept then everything that had come before it. Then Disney bought Lucasfilms and everything with it, including LucasArts. The licensing for games went to EA and LucasArts was shut down. But there was still hope for 1313… wasn’t there?

Unfortunately for us, not really. As it was, 1313 was always on the verge of collapse. Kotaku did a great article that I highly recommend giving a read but the short notes (and salt in the wound) are that the game would have been next gen (apparently the various system makers were pissed that LucasArts was showing off next gen tech before the new systems were even announced).

Oh and the bounty hunter you played? Boba Fett.


Aliens: Crucible

maxresdefaultAn RPG set in the Aliens universe. Made by Obsidian. Sign Me up! Or at least that’s what I said…. and then nothing happened. Not exactly true as the game did get to some sort of completion but was cancelled due to the cluster fuck known as Colonial Marines… don’t even get me started on that piece of crap. Apparently, Sega (the one controlling the license) is going to venture into the world again with a first person game. This time round, It looks like a horror survival game centered around Ripley’s daughter… hopefully it won’t be a buggy crapfest.


The Hunt Part #2 UPDATE!

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’m working on filling holes in my comic collection. So far my quest in obtaining them has been a bit of a mixed bag. Daredevil and Shaolin Cowboy have been non-starters as I only seem to be able to track down issues I already have. However, I’m doing rather well with The New Mutants. Currently due to flea markets and my comic shop (Big B Comics in Hamilton, tell’em Brent sent ya!), I’m down to seven issues left to track down. This week I had the debate.

Big B got in a first printing of The New Mutants #87. The first appearance of Cable. It was an extremely reasonable price but so far in my quest, it’s really only been a few bucks here a few bucks there. Then Future-Wife told me I was being silly. Special thanks to Big B (especially Sam who pointed it out to me) for the great find and price.

That being said… anyone want to donate to me a copy of #98 (first appearance of Deadpool) or the money to purchase #98… it would be appreciated.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!