This Saturday, January 11th marks the debut of BITTEN, the new series coming to SPACE. Based on the popular series of books by Kelley Armstrong, the series stars Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels, the world’s only female werewolf who must return to home to Bear Valley, New York to track a killer who’s bringing trouble to her pack. Co-starring with her are actors Greyston Holt and Greg Bryk who play members of her pack. Greyston plays Clay, the enforcer of the group while Greg is Jeremy, the alpha wolf of the pack. This past week I got the chance to talk with Greyston and Greg about what we can expect from the new series and what it’s like to get in touch with your inner wolf.

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BITTEN premieres this Saturday at 9 p.m. Eastern on SPACE.

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Andrew talks with Greyston Holt (Left) and Greg Bryk about Bitten, a new show debuting on SPACE this Saturday.

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