Here some of my thoughts in a quick round up of some this week’s episodes from the tube. Although I guess that phrase the “tube” isn’t that relevant any more with LCD and Plasma sets being so ubiquitous these days….

(EDITOR’S NOTE: *For those that haven’t seen the following episodes, SPOILERS from here on out.*)


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: Seeds (S1E12)

This is a big improvement in show quality.


This week’s episode picks up not too long after the big Coulson revelation from last week about his time in Tahiti. Smartly, this was pushed back to the “B” plot while they focused on Fitz & Simmons returning to the Academy to investigate some strange goings on. This episode typified the changes that need to occur to make this show better. By focusing on 2 of the more popular characters on the show and pushing Coulson & May to second tier it allowed for the best thing to happen: Capt Woodenpants and Hacker Pixie to get exactly the right amount of screen time and focus in on some VERY much needed character development for both. I know it won’t stay this way but this would be a great way to resolve the dislike I and most fans have of Ward and Skye. The others have enough character to make us care about them but these two, who were initially presented as leads in the pilot, have been spinning their wheels thus far. Also, big bonus in the use of the Fallen Agents wall. First in mentioning Bucky (for the build up to Winter Solider) and second being able to use it to express Skye’s new found commitment to S.H.I.E.L.D. which has been bugging me.

Supernatural: Roadtrip (S9E10)

Here we go again, Season 9 and it’s time for the yearly breakup of the boys!


This marked the return of the show from it’s Christmas break. The show this season has been moving along with the Fall of Heaven storyline. Now with the doors to Heaven locked by Metatron and all Angels scrambling to find meaning in their new lives the battle lines have been drawn and the infighting has begun. But they don’t know that Metatron has his own plans. Dean is now out for blood after Sam/Ezekiel, who is really Gadreel, has killed Kevin. After Cas appears and is filled in on the truth they plan to go after Sam/Ezekiel, who is really Gadreel, and kick him out. They of course make a deal with the devil, sorry the King of Hell, Crowley. It of course works and along the way we got some really great comedy out of the trio. But to do this Sam had to really find out what happened to him and now cue Supernatural’s most reoccurring season story trope. The Band breaks up again for the ninth time. Every year they pull this stunt to give the explosive brothers time to cool down after Dean or Sam pulls some shit on the other. FUCKING STOP! We get it, they are brothers and brothers fight. Breaking them up like clockwork is really, really sad and stupid writing. You should have come up with another idea. Period. We know they will be back together next episode and at worst by the second with them apart. But they never truly are because they end up on the same cases together. This IS and will always be the worst part of the show. A good episode ruined by a shitty plot device.

Speaking of which…

Arrow: Blast Radius (S2E10)

What was with the soap opera finish?


Another example of good episode ruined by crappy writing/acting. It’s been 5 weeks both in real life and on the show since we last left off. Barry is apparently still in a coma after his accident with the chemicals/lightning. Not long till the Scarlet Speedster appears. During this time, some things have actually happened off camera that are also of importance. Ollie and Sebastian are becoming “friends”, so much in the episode Ollie throws a fundraiser for Blood. Laurel thinks there is something off about Blood and is quietly looking into him… yeah that’s going to end well. Also Roy has kept hidden his Mirakuru enhancements. Of course that doesn’t stop this week’s big bad Shrapnel from trying blow the city up. Plus more flashbacks to the island with Slade and the group dealing with Shado’s death and the hunt for Ivo. All of this is good stuff, not great but solid storytelling with the show taking some interesting twists and turns. However all of that was ruined by the last moments of the episode. Laurel finds out that Blood has been paying to take care of his mentally ill aunt. So she, still not feeling good about him, goes to speak to the aunt. We then leave the world of Arrow and are transported to Days of Our Lives with the “shocking” revelation that she is in actuality his mother and he killed his father and locked her away. DU-DU-DUMB! It also didn’t help that Laurel, played by Katie Cassidy, went a little over the top in her performance here. So far, a really great season. I’m hoping this was a one off incident.

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