Welcome to another edition of New Comics, where we give our suggestions on what books to pick up when perusing the comic shelves week to week. As always, I am  joined by Kris Johnson of Bizarre Comics Entertainment. Read on to find the best of what the comic shop has in store for you this week.

Here we go.

STK624452MONSTERS AND OTHER STORIES TP $12.99 (Dark Horse) – Gustavo Duarte brings his unique brand of cartoony goodness to the comics page with this new trade. Three different monster-centric tales are relayed in this 152 page tome with all of the humour and horror you’d expect from giant city-destroying monsters, alien abductions, and the unyielding hands of fate. If you’re looking for something unlike anything else on the shelf this week, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better candidate than this wordless opus from the folks at Dark Horse. (Kris Johnson)

TIM BRADSTREET SKETCHBOOK $9.99 (IDW) – Remember back in the early 2000s when everything Punisher was cool again? One of the dudes who helped make that happen was Tim Bradstreet. His covers for the Welcome Back Frank 12-issue Maxi-series and the following Marvel Knights and MAX ongoing series were eye catching to say the least. Now here’s your chance to own a shit-ton of pencil sketches and drawings in one volume complete with written commentary by the man himself. And it’s only 10 bucks. I’ve seen Bradstreet sketches go for way more than this……like at least 15 bucks, easy. If you like cool, stylized art with attitude, this one’s for you. (Andrew)

DAREDEVIL #35 $2.99 (Marvel) – There will be guest stars galore as Daredevil leads an assault on the Sons of the Serpent! Which, totally cool and all, but I’m most excited about a certain Greek lady making an appearance. *nudge* Has a thing for red. *nudge* It’s Elektra. I’m talking about Elektra. Marvel seems to be setting the stage for something big with this issue, and considering we’re getting a new Daredevil #1 in a scant several weeks that something could be earth-shattering for Matt Murdock. (Kris Johnson)

STK627237VELVET #3 $2.99 (Image) – Something tells me this book will most likely make it onto my Top 10 Books of 2014 because I can’t stop telling folks about it. Isn’t it always the way that the best agent in the room just happened to be the one who answers the phone and makes the coffee. I bet these guys are kicking themselves now as Velvet Templeton is kicking all their asses and staying one step ahead of them. She kind of has to as she’s been set up for Agent X-14’s murder. On the continuing road to clearing her name, she’s gotta veer off down some dark alleys in order to find the deceased agent’s contacts. A dirty job but she really has no choice…..JUST LIKE YOU HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO PICK UP THIS BOOK. It really is one of the best titles on the comic racks today and you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t get on board now. (Andrew)

AMAZING X-MEN #3 $3.99 (Marvel) – This has been a fun title filled with solid characterization and some really beautiful art from Ed McGuinness. I could recommend it on that basis alone. But I’m really excited about this particular issue because the solicits are trumpeting that this mofo is gonna be Beast-centric. As an unapologetic lover of Hank McCoy I can’t freakin’ wait. Though blue boy has played an important supporting role in books like New Avengers and All-New X-Men in recent month, he hasn’t really been given the spotlight despite his tumultuous, ever changing physical/emotional state. It appears as though all of that changes, at least for 20 pages and I for one, am looking forward to it. (Kris Johnson)

X-FILES SEASON 10 #1 DIRECTORS CUT $4.99 (IDW) – Ah, the Director’s Cut. A longtime friend of the cinephile, it’s only been successfully used a couple of times in the four-colour world of comics. Director’s Cut is really a misnomer as it’s more like a Special Limited Edition. This reprinting of the first issue of the critically acclaimed series has it all. Every alternate cover, a complete copy of the script and commentary from Chris Carter, Joe Harris and artist Michael Walsh. This is the second book I’ve promoted by mentioning the promise of commentary…..you can make a comment on that if you want. (Andrew)

unnamedBLACK DYNAMITE #1 $3.99 (IDW) – All you suckas gather ‘round! There’s a brand new comic comin’ to town! DYNO-MITE! DYNO-MITE! Awwwww, shit! If you’ve seen the film or the cartoon this book is based on then you really don’t need to be told anything other than this comic exists. Now you will buy it. It’s science. For those who don’t consume awesomeness as voraciously as the rest of us, do yourself a favour: Watch Black Dynamite —> read this comic —> Experience a coolness increase of at least 10%… 20% if you get the Subscription Variant Cover. I usually don’t give a shit about variants, but seriously, that’s Black Dynamite punching a goddamn shark in the mush right there. (Kris Johnson)

MIRACLEMAN #1 $5.99 (Marvel) – I spoke earlier about Director’s Cuts and Special Limited Editions. Well, it looks like Marvel is also bringing back the “Re-Mastered” Edition for you. Reprinting material first seen back in the eighties in Warrior #1 and Miracleman #1, the classic series is re-introduced to a new generation, complete with a Marvelman Primer. A young reporter with the power to change to a superhero using a magic word? I know these are concepts that have been used since the dawn of comic books but none used them quite like Miracleman. Watch the legend unfold again….or for the first time. (Andrew)

SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #25 $4.99 (Marvel) – With the news that the one, true Peter Parker is returning in a matter of months, the sands of the hourglass are surely running out for Otto Octavius. Will this oversized anniversary issue spell the beginning of the end for Ock? I’ll tell you what, battling Venom while remaining oblivious to the newly named Goblin King (Norman’s getting fancy and David Bowie ain’t pleased) completing his court is a good way to get dead. Pete’s not gonna be happy if he gets his body back and there’re, like, marks on it and stuff, Otto. (Kris Johnson)

STK628710CURSE #1 $3.99 (Boom) – Curse you Boom Studios for producing yet another comic that will make me part ways with another 4 bucks! But truly the curse is one that Laney Griffith is about to endure, or is already depending on where you’re standing. His son’s dying of Leukemia, he’s financially strapped, unable to pay for his treatment and his only hope is successfully catching a fugitive with a bounty on his head in the wilderness of his rural town. What else could go wrong? Well, it appears lots as he comes face to face with a werewolf. This guy just can’t catch a break. With a creative team including Michael Moreci, Tim Daniel, Riley Rossmo and Colin Lorimer in charge of his fate, I don’t think he’ll catch one any time soon. A mystery/horror comic with lives hanging in the balance. The tension will be high and the action will be furry. (Andrew)


So there you go. Check these books out and let us what you think. We’ll be back again next week with more choice cuts of comic goodness!

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Miracleman #1

Miracleman #1