A typical night on Geek Hard.

Hey Folks,

It’s now officially 2014. How ya all doin’? 2013 was a wild and crazy ride for most of us, myself especially. If you’ve been checking out the site this past week, you know that we took a look back on everything we covered this year in a special 2 part retrospective. You can check out Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t already. There may have been a few things you missed out on this year and we wouldn’t want that. But that’s not what this post is about. While some of you are nursing hangovers from the night before and others are diligently putting together their resolutions list, I thought I would take the time to thank the many people that have made Geek Hard are growing force in geekdom and have helped me out personally and professionally. Let’s begin at the beginning.

Mr. Green – I know I joke that I would love to be rid of you but truth is that it just wouldn’t be the same without you there to screw everything up. You’re like a brother to me and I wish you the best of luck with your book of bird calls. Despite being an ass on Christmas Day, you’ve been a fun co-host and trusted associate.

Kris Johnson – As always, you’re the guy that’s there to lend a helping hand and do it with style and craftsmanship. Whether it was acting as fill-in co-host for numerous shows this year, writing various columns and contributions to the website or co-producing Geek Hard’s first web series, Creator on Creator, you’ve always been an immense help. Thanks for all you’ve done……and if you see Matthew McConaughey, thank him too.

Adrienne Kress – Congrats once again for the release of Outcast. It goes without saying but you really are a delight to have on our little program. You’re welcome to come on any time you want as you bring a touch of class to what usually is a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Thanks also for the Oz, The Great and Powerful review. We’d love to have you write for us again sometime. Here’s hoping your year is as good as the quality of the writing on The Good Wife (at least you tell me it is. I still haven’t checked it out. Sorry.)

Brent Chittenden – The king of consistency on geekhardshow.com. Rain or shine, I know I can always count on Brent to have a new Fear and Loathing in Geekdom ready every Monday. Thanks for your services in wordsmith-ery. Thanks also for the video interviews at the past year’s various conventions. I still don’t get your love of Rob Liefeld but to each his own.

Ken Baumgartner – Another guy who likes Rob Liefeld (it must be contagious). Thanks for all the work you’ve done on location at the various comic shows we’ve attended this past year. I hope that meeting Slash was everything you hoped it would be. We will have your “I’m not Dressed as Wolverine” t-shirt ready for the next con, promise.

Adam Sikora – A new arrival to our web family, thanks so much for the first few articles you contributed to our site. I look forward to reading more “All Along the Watchtower” columns in the upcoming months.

Gavin Stephens – A brother from a different mother, thanks for all the stuff you’ve done both for the site and for myself. You’re outlook on the world is unique and hilarious…..if only you had a hook and a name……oh wait a second, that was the other guy’s advice. While he’s busy trying to make a rip off of Extreme Couponing, I look forward to you continuing to create new and diverse columns and projects.

Adira Rotstein – Another new addition from earlier this year to the Geek Hard family. Thanks so much for all the book reviews this year. I can’t wait to see what you’re reading next.

Yuri in the Booth – Without this guy, nothing gets done. Thanks so much for keeping the tech end rolling to our little internet radio show. Reality Radio 101 reached new heights this year and Geek Hard was proud to be a part of them. We look forward to another productive and fun year on your station, sir.

Chad Blakely – While he might not always be around, his presence is always felt. Thanks for giving some laughs with your monthly webcomic, Artist Allies. Your experimentation with the strip has been a lot of fun and it’s always great to see your new takes on Rob Liefeld jokes.

Cobra Commander – Your appearance this year was legendary sir. It was great having you back no matter what restraining order Mr. Green tries to throw at you. Be sure to say hi to Del Morgado of the Del Morgado Show for us.

Andrew Parker – As always, I respect your opinions on films even if I don’t usually agree with them. Thanks for coming back on the program as our TIFF Expert. You’re always welcome on the show if not for the review than for the arguments that stem from them.

Nerds with Guitars – Thanks to Sean for coming on our Christmas show and rocking hard. As for Alex, you need to work on your attitude and learn to find your “Inner Pun” or you’ll end up like that guy who got his whole left side cut off…..but don’t worry, he’s all right now.

J. Torres – Three appearances on the show in one year! You really are going for the record for “Most In-Studio” guest, aren’t you? I guess we’ll have to give you an award for that…..oh wait a second.

Jonathan Chiovitti – Thanks for the various things you did for us this year both behind the camera as our favourite camera man and as an occasional scribe for our website. I look forward to more exciting projects coming from Loose Noose Entertainment.

Anyone else who’s contributed to the site this year – For the other folks that popped in from time to time and did a review here and there, you have my deepest thanks.

Adam Lopez and the Toronto After Dark Film Fest – Congrats on another cool festival. I can’t wait see what’s in store for us next fall After Dark.

James Armstrong and Fan Expo Canada – Thanks sir for letting Geek Hard cover your conventions. It was a delight to talk with you throughout the year and I wish you and your team all the best with this upcoming year under new ownership.

Jordan Gavaris and the cast of Orphan Black – To my favourite Murder She Wrote fan, I hope you get cast in your dream role as the new Sherriff Amos. You were one of the best guests we got to talk with this year both on the show and in person. Can’t wait to see Season Two of Orphan Black when it airs this Spring.

Meaghan Rath and the cast of Being Human – You continue to be some of the best guests we’ve had on Geek Hard. Both Meaghan and Sam Huntington were great additions to our guest list this year. You guys are always welcome to come on our show and be silly.

Teddy Wilson – I will see that you are destroyed someday…..that is all.

Leah Visser at Amberlight Entertainment and Anchor Bay Canada – Thanks for all the interview opportunities. It was a pleasure talking with Brodus Clay, Danielle Harris and Julian Richings. The guys also loved talking to Slash. As always, you spoil us.

Andrea Allen and Natalie Cole at SPACE – My favourite people at SPACE, thanks for all your help lining up some great interviews this year. I look forward to talking about all the great shows SPACE is showing in 2014 in great detail very soon! You are both the best and I hope you continue to like us as much as we like you!

Tom Green at Titan Books – It has been a delight to see what treasures you’re sending Geek Hard’s way. Whether it’s comics, detective novels or anything else you might feel we’ll enjoy, we’re happy to review what you send us.

Matthew McConaughey – An excellent co-host full of excellent sound bites.

Groot – The greatest pop-in guest ever! Hope Vin does your voice justice in the Guardians of the Galaxy. Come back any time.

All remaining guests not mentioned – Anthony Darko – Sam Huntington – Chloe Dykstra – Greg Rucka – Ramon Perez – Mather Zickel – Shahab Zagari – James Cooper – Jordan Scherer – Alice Quinn – Dave Willis and Casper Kelly – Max Allan Collins – Andrew Gurudata – Bill Turnbull – Craig David Wallace – Jeffrey Brown – Christos Gage – Norm Sousa – Sean Galloway – Katherine Curtis – Kris Holden-Ried – Kate Drummond – Paul Muzzin – J Bone – Adi Shankar – Wordburglar – Peter Kuplowsky – Hope Nicholson and Rachel Richey – Dr. Larry Lewis – Christopher Bond – Debs and Errol – You were all fantastic! Thanks for coming on our program and sharing your gifts with us.

Anyone we got to interview at the various conventions and events we covered for the site – You’re why we got to events in the first place. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us about anything and everything.

All listeners, followers and fans – Without you, we’re just talking to ourselves. You’re the MVPs of this operation. We hope you enjoyed what we provided in 2013 and hope to have you all back in 2014! Excelsior!

Okay, so I went on there for a bit. In case I forgot anyone, thank you to you. Be sure to catch our first show back on Friday, January 10th at 7pm EST on www.realityradio101.com. It’s gonna be EPIC!

Your pal,


Andrew talks with Jordan Gavaris, one of the best Geek Hard guests of 2013!

P.S. – If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!