unnamedJust when you thought the doldrums of Winter would get the best of you, here comes The Doublclicks to make this Friday fun and FANTABULOUS!

That’s right, this Friday night on Geek Hard, Andrew and Mr. Green will be joined via phone by Angela and Aubrey Webber (aka The Doubleclicks) for some Geek-to-Geek conversation about their latest endeavour. Turns out the ‘clicks have launched a kickstarter campaign to turn the songs from last year’s Weekly Song Wednesday Challenge into a fully produced studio album titled Dimetrodon. Not only that but they’re also going to be bringing us more songs/videos for a new round of Weekly Song Wednesday in 2014! As of right now, they’ve already reached their initial goal as well as their first stretch goal and they’re only a few days into the campaign! They’ve got so many cool perks and some great goals with this project that you’d have to be crazy to not want to support it! Here’s a quick bio on the Doubleclicks:

The Doubleclicks are a pair of sisters — Angela and Aubrey Webber — who sing about Dungeons & Dragons, dinosaurs, and Mr. Darcy. They play cello and ukulele. They have been called snarky, geeky, and sweet. Their latest album, Lasers & Feelings, includes songs about Mars Curiosity, meeting people on the Twitter, and Geek Girl pride, and debuted in the top 10 on the Billboard comedy charts. Their single for that album, a geek girl anthem called “Nothing to Prove” has been viewed over 1 million times on YouTube. The Doubleclicks tour the country regularly, playing at game stores, comic shops, and conventions, and have shared bills with nerd and comedy superstars including Jonathan Coulton, Paul and Storm and Wil Wheaton.

For More on the Doubleclicks, check out their kickstarter campaign and listen to the show this Friday.

If you can’t wait til Friday for your Doubleclicks fix, here’s a video interview I did with them last year – CHECK IT OUT!

But hey, that’s not all. As announced yesterday, Geek Hard is going to the movies. This week we take a look at the Aaron Eckhart vehile I, Frankenstein. Will this be a Monster Mash or just plain trash? Listen this Friday to catch our review.

So don’t miss this Friday’s show – January 24th at 7pm Eastern on www.realityradio101.com – as big things are happening and secrets will be revealed.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

Catch the Doubleclicks as they talk about Dimetrodon, their new album funded by Kickstarter.

Catch the Doubleclicks as they talk about Dimetrodon, their new album funded by Kickstarter.