So the Superbowl has come and gone… I didn’t really care about the game but we got a ton of movie trailers and teasers.

Including an Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer that actually made me give a crap about the movie.

Now, I didn’t particularly like the last Amazing Spider-Man. It was alright but I found it just a little bit.. bland. This trailer finally got me interested in the film. I got to see more of Electro’s character and Spidery doesn’t seem to be quite the emo kid he was in the last one.

But then it happened. The trailer began to scream:


Have we not learned anything from Batman and Robin? Or Spider-Man 3?

There might just be a couple too many villains here.

There might just be a couple too many villains here.

Apparently not as Man of Steel 2 / Batman vs Superman / Justice League hasn’t paid attention either.

Let me spell it out for you.

Just because you CAN put everyone in your film, doesn’t mean you SHOULD put everything in your film.

This is Bane being cool......he didn't get to do this in Batman and Robin.

This is Bane being cool……he didn’t get to do this in Batman and Robin.

Let’s look at Batman and Robin. Not a great movie… that’s putting it lightly. Bad script, bad acting, just plain bad. But where I think this movie went wrong was when someone decided that they needed Mr. Freeze in it. And Poison Ivy. And Bane. And Batgirl. When you throw in that many characters, it makes the script a lot harder to navigate. It becomes filled with so many characters that the script becomes bare bones. All action, no character. Bane is the prime example as he is reduced to a general thug as opposed to the character that we know from the comic.

Spider-Man 3 was much the same way. The characters weren’t allowed to breath and as the film went on, you became very aware that Venom and Green Goblin 2 were obviously shoe horned (with a Paul Bunyan sized shoe horn) into the film. In the end, no one, including Sam Raimi, was happy with the results.

Now when it comes to ASM 2, I would be cool with just Electro, especially after the first half of that new trailer. Hell, I’d be fine if they throw in Green Goblin at the end of the film or The Rhino. I don’t think that’s the case or at least judging by the trailer, that’s not the case. Honestly, that makes me want to see the film less because it just reminds me so much of Batman and Robin syndrome.

Speaking of which, Batman vs. Superman… what the hell?

Ed Campbell, my good friend over at Comic Book Daily, recently wrote a column that was entitled “Man of Steel 2… Everyone Except Aquaman” and quite frankly, the title sums up my thoughts entirely. Currently, the film will feature Superman and Batman as stars but it seems like we’re going to get at least a small appearance by Wonder Woman. There are heavy indications that Martian Manhunter is going to appear as well as solid rumours for John Stewart and Nightwing / Robin. Arrow and The Flash may be tying into it as well. This seems incredibly packed and that’s assuming the role The Rock talked to Warner Brothers about is in a different film but I would bet against it at the moment (Cyborg, calling it now.). The more they release in terms of reality, the more I’m not looking forward to it.

Spider-Man 3 - Another victim of TOO MANY CHARACTERS.

Spider-Man 3 – Another victim of TOO MANY CHARACTERS.

And I would like to point out for the record, I’m the lone member of Geek Hard’s staff who really liked Man of Steel and I’m having a hard time getting behind this project. Not even taking into account the terrible miscasting of Luthor (if you think this casting was a good idea, please, leave your reasoning in the comments because so far, no one has come up with a good answer) and Wonder Woman (I’m sorry, I know people are complaining about the sexist comments that Wonder Woman needs a bigger chest then Gal Gadot but that’s not my issue. Wonder Woman needs to be built strong and kind of thick. An athlete at the very least, not a former model that can be blown away by a gust of wind.), this film is looking like a cluttered mess.

And to answer nay-sayers that will reply that The Avengers had tons of characters and worked, here’s why:

  1. All of those characters had been introduced.
  2. We didn’t need any back story on anyone. The Avengers was essentially the final act in a really big film. In both ASM2 and Man of Steel 2, we’re introducing a ton of important characters with no time to talk about them.

Batman and Robin. Nuff said.

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Here's what Bane got to do in Batman and Robin. Not cool.

Here’s what Bane got to do in Batman and Robin. Not cool.