Since last week’s big revelation of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor in the new Superman Vs. Batman movie I have not been impressed. So I have decided I wanted to share my picks for my Top 5: Preferred Lex Luthors.

Now this list will be based on people who were rumoured to play Lex Luthor but were instead passed over for Jesse Eisenberg. Let that sink in. I have nothing against the kid, actually I like him as an actor, but he is not my Lex.

Without further ado lets get to the list, but first a quick note on my rules.

Here are the rules…

1. Must be rumoured to have been Lex
2. Make me want to watch it more than Jesse Eisenberg

Sadly while there are many actors that could have been chosen only a few were worth our time. With that in mind, I wanted to highlight some of the actors that didn’t get asked.

Mark Strong

Mark-StrongMy personal first pick for the part. Sure, he had been used in Green Lantern but nobody gives a shit about that movie except those who made it and can’t figure out why it tanked… it sucked and you wrote terrible characters. Regardless, Strong was well, strong in his portrayal of Sinestro. He also hit it out of the park with his turns in Kick-Ass and Rock’n’Rolla. Strong would excel even further if they used Brian Azzerello’s version of the tortured genius having to deal with an alien intruder on Earth in a world that does not want to believe him. Playing Lex as the hero instead of a campy villain, he could have easily made for one of the best screen villains we would have ever seen.


Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin-PhoenixAll you have to do is look at his turn as the Emperor in Gladiator. His Commadus was both terrifying at times and at other moments, quite soft and caring. This marked him as a solid choice for the role of Lex. He has enough charisma that you would buy him as a successful business tycoon with a Level 12 intellect. But Joaquin certainly knows how to also play the subtle crazy which is a interesting aspect of Lex’s makeup in how he looks at Superman. Hell, they even could play off his scarred lip as part of the story and have Bruce Wayne to openly mock him… well, at least in Lex’s mind he would. Again, great possibilities to be had with his interactions with Affleck and Cavill.


Bryan Cranston

Bryan-CranstonEveryone’s early pick to play the part. Cranston proved during his run on Breaking Bad that he had the necessary attributes to give us a Lex to be proud of. Only issue was how on the nose it was. But that’s okay. Sometimes we need on the nose when you don’t have the time give a proper back-story. Cranston’s Lex would have been classic movie evil villain mode but that is how many see Lex being portrayed. He is a larger than life villain who would have been played ever so skillfully by Cranston. The “self made man” angle would have played well with audiences looking for that part of Lex.



Denzel Washington

Denzel-WashingtonAlways one cool cat. Denzel, while not the traditional look of the character, was a very interesting choice. At first I was against the idea but then I remembered his roles in Glory, Malcolm X and Man on Fire. This convinced me that he could not only play the role but actually be outstanding in it. Picturing his anger from Glory, his cool intelligence from Malcolm X and his deliberate and violent ways from Man on Fire, I saw the beginnings of an amazing and truly terrifying Lex Luthor. One who would be your best friend one minute and stab you in the back the next… hell, even in the front just so you could see that it was him. It would have been great.




RexLook at this guy. Yes, he is unknown but look at those cool intelligent eyes. Rex has proven his ability to play Lex Luthor with his keen business acumen and ruthless nature. His ability to trick his “friends” to take him for walks when he wants to go and not when they do is a great demonstration of his higher than average intelligence. He would have made a great choice. BIRD!





So there’s my list. Each of these actors could have easily played Lex Luthor. But just like the Man of Steel, this ship is lost at sea with no hope of survival. Well at least I have DC Animation Films to get me through this crap… uh, right they apparently suck balls too right now. Trust me, watch Justice League: War and it’s terrible waste of time story with the single worse depiction of Wonder Woman ever – yes worse than the recent failed TV pilot. Better yet, don’t. Like casting Eisenberg, it lacks all logical sense.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!