Every year starting in the spring, production begins on new pilots for TV shows for all of the networks. Well I have a few ideas that I would like to see the light of day. So I have decided to share my picks for my Top 5: TV Reboots.

Okay I know what you are thinking… NO MORE REBOOTS! I get it, really I do. But let’s take a moment to think about this. There have been many shows that were great OR sucked that can be redone. Many shows. It’s all in the timing when you have far out there ideas.

Without further ado lets get to the list, but first a quick note on my rules.
Here are the rules…

  1. Must have been on TV before
  2. Must have been broadcast in North America
  3. Has some level of significant fanbase to work off

Sadly while there are going to be many ideas for t.v. reboots, only a few were worth our time. With that in mind, I wanted to highlight some that might just work.

Bionic ManThe Bionic Man

Well, we can’t call him the Six Million Dollar Man anymore. That just isn’t possible now. This show was super back in the day. Well received, great ratings, why bring it back? Because it’s time is coming. It might be quite literally around the corner. With the current advancements in technology, especially in the area of bionics, this is a great time to look at relaunching this great franchise. The issue is casting. Who do you get to replace Lee Majors who was iconic in the role. That’s a tough one but I would have to go with an unknown, just like Majors was at the time. If they were smart, the producers of this show would involve the bio-tech industry for funding and logistical support on the ideas. This would make the show not only bleeding edge but lend an air of realism not felt in the original.

Harry DresdenThe Dresden Files

I love the book series. The TV show… not so much. There is plenty to like in this idea. Chicago detective who is down on his luck trying to make rent while taking cases… as it turns out for little to no pay. He usually gets the snot beat out of him along the way but has many friends who help when they can. Solid, sounds like a good crime-noir type story. Well I forgot to mention that Harry Dresden is the only practising wizard detective in the world. It always leads to trouble as Harry can never let humans know that he is for real or that he is part of the White Council. He part-times it by consulting for Chicago Police but that usually runs him into more trouble than it’s worth. It’s a great series and could make for great TV if done right. I would prefer to see this done like Game of Thrones with 10-13 episodes per year which would allow to tell the story and give more money for effects needed to bring the world to life.

Star TrekStar Trek

It’s time has come again. It’s been long enough since the last show ended, and with the re-launch of the movie franchise to bring the show back, now’s the perfect time. The only real issue is what universe to put it in. Do you revert to old continuity Trek or move forward with new continuity Trek? Either way there are a multitude of stories that can be told with each universe. If you go old, the big issue is the timeline. Since OCT is riddled with issues to it’s timeline due to it’s enduring almost 50 year history, it has issues unless you move into the future even further. With NCT you have no issues with timeline because we are it’s beginning. I would still move past this point a little into the future so as to avoid story conflicts with the big screen franchise. Regardless, the show would be a welcome return to the small screen for fans like me… only if it’s handled properly. I don’t want another Voyager or Enterprise again. Both could have been great but they didn’t properly explore the ideas within the proper context of the Star Trek universe.


Ah, Peter Falk. That is the only issue with this idea. How do you replace such a beloved icon of the small screen in his most recognizable role? Well first you have to let that go. The beauty of this idea is that we haven’t really seen it since it went off the air. A murder mystery that is not about who committed the crime but how Lieutenant Columbo will solve the case and pin it on the right person. Most audiences would not remember this show or it’s simple premise that always opened with the guest star committing murder, for whatever reason. Unlike procedurals today, we got to see an unrepentant killer gloat over Columbo as he stumbled around looking clueless. AH, but that was always the magic of the show. That bumbling around and the “Oh, just one more question” bits were the heart of this show. In the end, Columbo never had any witty line about catching the killer. He would just go home to take care of Dog and wait for the next case. With the right cast and writers this could be GOLD once again. Also they would have to keep the idea special and show them as 90mins episodes at a maximum of 6 times per year like the original for it to not lose it’s magic.

Space Above and BeyondSpace: Above and Beyond

A casualty of the FOX formula of  “let’s put things on Friday night and watch it burn in flames”. The show about a group of raw space marines who are trained from the beginning up to their missions each week in front of our eyes was a great concept that I fear was a little ahead of it’s time. That show today might catch on with an audience that has seen 9/11, the Afghan conflict and other worldwide terror. We have been exposed to further cover ups and abuses of power by the Government and the military. All of these themes which have been happening for years around the globe were not well received back when this show aired, mainly because I believe that most people refused to believe things were that bad. Today however, a day doesn’t go by when we are not exposed to some new story of corruption or terror in some form. The time is now to hit this territory again. Move this show to cable to allow for more realistic depictions of the violence and go with a 10-12 episode season and this could really fly high. Stories about cloning, artificial intelligence, military/government abuses and terrorism from beyond our understanding. These are now or about to be huge stories in our daily lives in the next 5-10 years.

So there it is, my list. Each of these shows could succeed but there are many factors that would need to be in place for them to work. The actors and writers being key but also strong leadership on the producing/showrunner side. Otherwise they will be dead in the water. Nobody wants to see these if they look like the latest Ironside show. There are many that I could have added to this list. But these are the ones that really stood out for me.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!