Here some of my thoughts in a quick round up of some of this week’s episodes on the tube. Although I guess that phrase the “tube” isn’t that relevant any more with LCD and Plasma sets being so ubiquitous these days.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: *For those that haven’t seen the following episodes, SPOILERS may be present from here on out.*)

Elementary: Dead Clade Walking (S2E14)

How he got his rehab groove on


Sherlock is surprised when he returns home to discover a strange women in his house. Watson explains to him that she is a geologist she asked for help on one his cold cases. Showing him her new theory we learn that he might not have given his best to the case since he was high. They begin to look into it and discover that the murder may have been the result of the theft of a priceless artifact. This artifact is a complete Nano Tyrannosaur. Apparently there has never been a complete example ever found thus making it sought after. BUT hold on a second, that might not be the entire plot… nope turns out like the much heated science VS creationism debate held this week, there is some debate about our history. The premise put forth is that there are a small but vocal group of people who believe that some dinosaurs may in fact have survived the comet strike that is supposed to have wiped them out. Pretty interesting ideas and the case gets wrapped up pretty nicely by the end of the episode. However, the other more interesting story is the developing relationship Sherlock is brewing as a sponsor. We only see a few moments here but they are very fun in Sherlock’s comfortableness with it and also how he might actually be a great sponsor. He holds no judgments as he remembers how bad he was. His cold demeanor and intellect help make that easier too. Overall, a solid episode. Not great but really solid character work. Plus seeing Joan do what we have seen Sherlock do to her almost every episode was gold.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Operation: Broken Feather (S1E15)

The grand experiment


This was the first of two episodes this week as the Nine-Nine got it’s football on in the coveted post Super Bowl spot and what a show too. Patton Oswalt returns for a NYFD vs NYPD football game. Of course, having Sgt. Jeffers on your team is a bit of an advantage for the Nine-Nine. Nice opening tease for the episode and when we come back, Jake is about to get a confession out out of a perp he has been chasing for several months when he learns “The Vulture” is coming. Detective Warren Pembroke played by Dean Winters is back and looking to steal more cases. This time the Nine-Nine have a plan and they manage to delay him long enough to let Jake get his confession. This is a BIG GAME victory for the squad. Pembroke has manged to steal every case he has come for from them, taking all glory for himself. The victory is short lived as the squad needs to get their numbers in for the end of month so they need to process all of their closed case paperwork by midnight. Jeffers and Holt plan to improve the squad’s efficiency by manipulating the group based on Jeffers extensive notes. As this unfolds in typical Nine-Nine craziness, Jake and Santiago are chasing an art thief at an antiquities auction. When Jake learns that Santiago is planning on moving to Major Crimes with Pembroke, he decides that she just needs reminding of how much she loves her current job. Well, that and we know he has the “HOTS” for her. So in an attempt to catch the guy, he poses as the auctioneer and of course ruins that job. So much so that Adam Sandler, guesting as himself, starts to heckle Jake for doing a crappy job. He gets up and auctions off a punch to Jake to football legend Joe Theismann. Of course everything goes wrong but they do catch the perp and take him in. This was a great intro show for those not watching as we get to see many of the highlighted craziness that happens each week. Had a really good time watching this and the follow up episode in it’s regular time slot. And no, Santiago does not join “The Vulture”.

Almost Human: Unbound (S1E09)

Just another brick in the wall


Okay this episode is by far and away the best of the season. There was a lot going on and it really propelled the show forward, adding layers to the story. We open with a maintenance bot stealing and killing a woman only to be put down and placed into evidence. Okay, we are back to procedural drama mode… NOPE, wait for it. The bot is actually still functioning and finally we get further info on a plot point from 5 episodes before. The bot steals that head the Syndicate was after and after attaching itself to the bot body, we get to see Gina Carano. She is an XRN the synthetic designed to replace Dorians’ DRN model, once they were found defective. As Dorian and the audience learns this, we are introduced to another guest star, John Larroquette as Dr. Nigel Vaughn who is Dorian’s creator and also the creator of the XRN. We learn that Danica (XRN) as he calls her is unstoppable but came for a new body at his shop. Dorian and Vaughn are having a little trouble processing meeting each other after all these years and the issues that took place. Danica, while on the loose, manages to steal 500 processors required to make more synthetics, enough to make an army but how since she doesn’t have the synthetic souls she and Dorian have. Until we discover that Vaughn has been playing everyone all along. As he “helped” Kennix and Dorian, he was actually just waiting to get the opportunity to steal the synthethic souls and when combined with the processors Danica stole for him, make more synthetics… on the other side of the Wall. Wait, WHAT? This “Wall” is a totally new plot point never brought up until this episode which seems to hint at a more Judge Dredd style future where the haves and have-nots are separated by the “Wall”. While seemingly out of the blue, I am interested due the fact it looks to open up a new story line with better sci-fi possibilities. The future on the show is not bright as this new army looks to be an issue down the line but for the actual show it’s starting to look up and over.

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