Welcome to another edition of New Comics, where we give our suggestions on what books to pick up when perusing the comic shelves week to week. As always, I am  joined by Kris Johnson of Bizarre Comics Entertainment. Read on to find the best of what the comic shop has in store for you this week.

Here we go.

STK632165KING CONAN CONQUEROR #1 $3.50 (Dark Horse) – The Hour of the Dragon adaptation continues as the critically lauded team of Truman and Giorello return for the next chapter of the classic tale. The barbarian king has been deposed and death surrounds him on all sides. Only retrieving a lost relic can return the Cimmerian to the throne, but this is a goddamn Conan comic so that shit ain’t gonna be easy. Punching, stabbing, probably some biting and a boob or two are most likely on the menu. If that sounds like a good time at ye olde shoppe of graphical literary delights, you should probably read this book. (Kris Johnson)

SUPERIOR FOES SPIDER-MAN TP VOL 01 $16.99 (Marvel) – There wasn’t a title funnier in 2013 than Superior Foes of Spider-Man. Fred Myers, aka Boomerang, is set to pull off the heist of his life, but he needs his crew the Sinister Six (Isn’t there only 5 of them?) to pull it off. A plot to steal the head of Silvermane, a run-in with the Punisher, Mach-V becoming Fred’s parole officer and other great gems are waiting for you in this critically acclaimed comic trade collecting issue one to six of the sleeper hit series. If you’re looking for laughs set within the world of Marvels, this is the book for you. This past week, we got to talk with artist Steve Lieber about just how fun this book is and he laughs just as much drawing the title as we do reading it. Check it out. (Andrew)

PARIAH #1 $3.99 (Dark Horse) – In this new release from Dark Horse Comics, a race of genetically engineered super-geniuses known as “vitros” find themselves at the mercy of the cosmos when their satellite home begins to lose functionality. Faced with certain death if they remain, the vitros must somehow return to Earth before time runs out. With a script from Philip Gelatt, the writer of a decent little picture called Europa Report, and art from The Surrogates’ Brett Weldele we’ve got ourselves something with the pedigree to be a pretty solid piece of science-fiction. Don’t miss out! (Kris Johnson)

STK631979ONE HIT WONDER #1 $3.50 (Image) – With all the unfortunate but true stories about former child stars out there, I can’t believe this hasn’t happened in real life yet. Richie Reese, a former child actor, is all grown up and has found a new way towards monetary gain in Hollywierd – By Killing People. A hitman whose out to create carnage and get attention, this promises to be one of hell of a blood bath. A crime comedy series that guarantees to have that cynical edge you’ve been looking for, One Hit Wonder might just be a hit worth paying for. (Andrew)

HAWKEYE #15 $2.99 (Marvel) – The Brothers Barton, Clint and Barney, team up… well, they don’t really TEAM up… They’re more like forced together. Is there a word for that? No? Someone should make up a word for that. How has that not happened in the history of words? Lazy word makers. Now I’ve gotta pick up your mess! Anyways, Clint and Barney are forced to team up to battle the Clown as he lays siege to their apartment building. Hopefully that douche gets his for killing Grills. It’s long overdue. Much like making up a word that means “forced together”. (Kris Johnson)

DEADLY CLASS #2 $3.50 (Image) – It’s your first official day at school designed to either kill you or make you one bad-ass motha. Your classmates, who’re are all trained killers, are already leaving you death threats in your locker. Your coarse load is full of brutality that makes you want to yell “uncle” until the pain stops. To top it off, your past is quickly coming back to bite you on the ass. What’s not to love about the King’s Dominion High School of the Deadly Arts? Check out the second issue of what I think might end up becoming Rick Remender’s best work……the one with the highest body count, at least. (Andrew)

STK631973REVENGE #1 $2.99 (Image) – Ever wanted to see a guy’s face get cut off in graphic detail? Yeah? Well, first, you’re kind of a monster and, second, this is your lucky day! Lovingly rendered by the mighty Ian Churchill, just that very thing befalls the protagonist of REVENGE within the first two pages! Why does this happen? Well, it seem washed-up action hero Griffin Franks has pissed more than a few people off over the course of his life. So when he heads south of the border to get a little nip and tuck in the hopes of adding a few more years to his career, those same folks take the opportunity to peel that wrinkled up mug right off his skull. As I said though, that’s just the beginning, ‘cause even faceless, Franks ain’t going down without a fight. (Kris Johnson)

SNOWPIERCER HC VOL 02 THE EXPLORERS $24.99 (Titan) – Alright, I know that this winter has sucked but I’ve got a great graphic novel to take your mind off things. It’s called Snowpiercer…..What? Yeah, it takes place in the snow. Okay, hold up….come back here. This is a good book, just hear me out. Remember a month ago when I suggested you check out Snowpiercer Vol. 1? That was pretty good, right? You really enjoyed it, didn’t you? Admit it, you loved it. Well, this is the sequel to that story. Don’t you want to see where the story goes? Of course you do. If you still need some convincing, you can check out this review I posted about the book yesterday. Don’t worry, we’ll wait………Okay, you’re back. You’re interested now, aren’t you? That’s what I thought. (Andrew)

FANTASTIC FOUR #1 $3.99 (Marvel) – Another day, another Fantastic Four relaunch! This time around Leonard Kirk and James Robinson do their best to remind you of the awesomeness that is Marvel’s First family in the hopes that you’ll forget about Fox possibly casting Vince Vaughan Jr as Mr. Fantastic and Billy Elliot as The Thing. How do they plan on doing this? Why, by having the FF battle a space dragon in floppy purple underpants, of course! Logic, son! That’s right, the Fantastic Four throw down once again with Fin Fang Foom and this time it may just spell their doom! (Kris Johnson)

STK627153BREATH OF BONES A TALE OF THE GOLEM HC $14.99 (Dark Horse) – There’s nothing like seeing a giant clay monster kicking Nazi ass! Set in World War II, after a British plane crashes into a small, Jewish village, the inhabitants must construct a Golem to protect them from invading Nazis. Their future is riding on this monster as he must quell the invasion to ensure the villagers’ freedom. Written by Steve Niles and Matt Santoro with some beautifully rendered artwork by Dave Wachter, this book is a breathtaking tale of belief and perseverance. (Andrew)



So there you go. Check these books out and let us what you think. We’ll be back again next week with more choice cuts of comic goodness!

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Fantastic Four #1

Fantastic Four #1