This week we talk villains and disaster……and a mix of both!

Don’t miss this Friday’s episode of Geek Hard as Andrew and Mr. Green take a look at those pesky Superior Foes of Spider-Man…..and they won’t be doing it alone. Continuing Comic Creator Month here on the program, our guest will be the artist of said comic book, Steve Lieber. Join us as Lieber talks about his work on Superior Foes, as well as his other works like Whiteout, Underground and more! So yeah, this guy. Don’t miss our interview with him this Friday. Here’s a quick bio on Steve:

wjDSnF9DSteve Lieber’s comics have been published by DC Comics, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, Carus Publishing, Dupuis and many others. He’s best known as the artist of the graphic novel Whiteout and it’s Eisner Award winning sequel, Whiteout:Melt, recently adapted by Warner Brothers as a movie starring Kate Beckinsale. His personal website is He’s a founding member of Periscope Studio, the largest studio of freelance comics artists in North America.


To find out more on Steve and to check out his work, go to and be sure to listen to this week’s show.

pompeii-posterBut that’s not all. As per usual, Geek Hard goes to the movies… watch a city be destroyed. That’s right, this Friday you’ll get Andrew and Mr. Green’s review of the Paul W.S. Anderson disasterpiece that is Pompeii. Will it be an exciting display of destruction or will it just be the shitstorm we’re all expecting? Find out what the boys have to say this Friday. (I have a strong feeling that things might get ugly during this one.)

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Is Superior Foes the Breaking Bad of Comics? Find out this Friday.

Is Superior Foes the Breaking Bad of Comics? Find out this Friday.